Online Healing Retreat

with Gene Ang

Arcturian Healing Method: Mt. Shasta Transmissions

3 45-minute Audio Transmissions
PLUS! 2 additional Transmissions and Audio recordings of Workshop Lectures and Discussion

Saturday, December 30 & 31
TIME: 11am PT / 12pm MT / 1pm CT / 2pm ET / 6pm GMT


Online Healing Retreat: Arcturian Healing Modalities Mt Shasta Transmissions

This an online broadcast of Three 45-minute Audio transmissions created during the 5-day Mt. Shasta retreat in August 2017.  The topic of the retreat focused on bringing forth the best in you in a way never before imagined.  We utilized a multi-dimensional 7 Planes of Nature Model to explain the current human and what an acceleration of evolution in consciousness would look like now.

PLUS! This event includes additional recordings of the classes, discussions, meditations, and activations to allow you to participate in the information field of the class, learn the material and practices during the retreat, and experience the energy of 5 transmissions done at Mt. Shasta.  This package includes over 10 hours of discussion and talks and 4 hours of energy transmissions and meditations.

Highlights of what you receive include:

  • 5 energy transmissions (45 minutes each) done using the Arcturian Frequencies and Consciousness done in the Mt. Shasta energy field.  Each transmission sequentially develops your subtle bodies to uncover your spiritual abilities and powers
  • An in-depth discussion of spiritual gifts or spiritual powers (siddhis) and how to develop them in your spiritual practice.
  • A discussion on which areas of your human energy field develop your spiritual gifts.
  • The energy transmissions can be used to actively meditate and develop your subtle bodies and spiritual gifts.  Gene guides you in the practice in each transmission.
  • A dynamic breathing practice that allows you to quickly build your etheric body and physical vitality.
  • A lecture on how to conduct Extraterrestrial Contact at Mt. Shasta and other related sacred sites.

If you want to experience the energy and information of Mt. Shasta, this package is exactly for you.  To order click the link below .You will be immediately sent download instructions for all the mp3s.