Online Healing Retreat

with Gene Ang

Arcturian Upper Echelon Intensive Retreat

3 Sessions in Video & Audio download

with Energy Sessions extracted into individual MP3s

OHR Gene Ang (V2)

Arcturian Upper Echelon Intensive Retreat

3 Sessions in Video & Audio Download

In this On-line Healing Retreat (OHR) we will be focusing on using a whole new array of Arcturian Healing Method Frequencies just starting to materialize on the planet. This series of frequencies, the Arcturian Upper Echelon Frequencies, is the next level of frequencies in the Arcturian Healing Method. The purpose of this OHR is to systematically expose you to the entire range of the Arcturian Upper Echelon Frequencies three times. Each session will raise your vibration to a new level. After three sessions, you will have experienced the full range of Upper Echelon Frequencies in three subsequent deepening and heightening ways.

Arcturian Upper Echelon Intensive Retreat


In each session, we will first prepare our subtle bodies and consciousness using previously used and downloaded Arcturian Healing Method Frequencies. Then we will go through in a systematic way the use of Upper Echelon Frequency 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. These are the six Upper Echelon Frequencies currently downloading onto the planet now. Each frequency takes your current state of consciousness and vibration and raises it to the next level. In total by the end of the session, your frequency and vibration will be raised 6 times. Because we will be doing this three times in total (3 sessions), your vibration will be raised a total of 18 times which in numerology would equate to the number 9 (1+8=9). The number 9 is a number of completion. To conclude each session, we will use Arcturian Healing Method Frequencies to integrate and materialize the changes that have occurred in your system.

The purpose of this OHR using these frequencies is threefold:

  1. To help us be of greater service.
  2. To bring to our full awareness this relative reality and its dreamlike nature.
  3. To bring to our awareness our true nature beyond space and time.

This program is included in Gene Ang’s Special Offer