Online Healing Retreat Encore Series

with Arcturus Ra

Initiation for Galactic Contact & Starseed Teachings for New Earth

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Online Healing Retreat Master Class with Arcturus Ra

2 Sessions – 2 hours Each: MP3 Audio Downloads

This Online Healing Retreat Master Class with Arcturus Ra features preparation and initiation for Galactic Contact. This mind-expanding topic will open ourselves to the spectrum of other civilizations, incorporate the galactic self, fundamentally breaking down the difference between good and evil, getting out of mythological belief systems, and understanding creative vs. destructive forces so you will always create from a centered vortex.

He will also teach how to feel plants, trees and energy fields. Understanding your ESP Senses and developing them in nature.

Online Healing Retreat Master Class with Arcturus Ra

4 Sessions – 2 hours Each

Recorded Webcasts with MP3 Audio Downloads

Galactic Recalibration: Building Mind & Restoring Light Body with Arcturus Ra. Experience four 2-hour sessions with Arcturus Ra in live, online courses beginning Wednesdays in September. Ra will share his knowledge on how you can improve your plasma body with the best physical diet. He will share on how to build and restore Light Body, How To Build Mind, and Manifest on New Earth, which is already here, we simply have to take action steps to manifest it. This comprehensive course is 2 hours each session, each week for four weeks so you can intergrate the wisdom and knowledge each week.

  • Session 1. Abundance-Magic
  • Session 2. Relationships -Relating – Access – Communication
  • Session 3. Conscious Programming – Words Magic – Manifesto – intent – Will power – Believe
  • Session 4. Developing contact Awareness

PLUS! Digital Download of Arcturus Ra’s Audio Library of Teachings

  • Kundalini Abundance Programming manifest
  • How to Cut Karmic Cords
  • Creating Noah’s ARC
  • Starseed Seeking Starseeds to Awaken
  • Being a Hybrid! Star-Being
  • Arcturian Council: Creating Reality
  • Arcturian Council : Reality Distortion into Clarity
  • Arcturian Council: Finding and Feeling your Kin
  • 5D the Zero Field and Gravitational Scaler waves
  • Star Wars Decoded – Cosmic Style