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with Matt Kahn & Julie Dittmar

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Soul Gathering – Filmed on Location in Boulder, CO

Video on Demand  

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MattKahn-Julie Dittmar

Online Healing Retreat:


Filmed on location in Boulder Colorado

If your heart is ready to end the seeking, suffering, struggle, and conflict, and to live as the light of love itself – then these events are for you. If you are ready to awaken your home frequency and become a fully activated lightbearer of 5th dimensional consciousness, we welcome you home, beautiful One!See what millions of YouTube viewers around the world are talking about. Here’s a taste of the energy transmission and healing life wisdom at our Soul Gatherings:

Please join us for this very special, transformative event where spiritual teacher and highly-attuned empathic healer Matt Kahn, and yoga teacher and sound healer Julie Dittmar, will offer brand new teachings and healing energy transmissions in our time together with you in a direct download from the Universe.

This gathering is offered to all who wish to participate in the evolution of humanity by transforming all lingering distractions in your life, and to awaken to the absolute joy of your true infinite Self. You will experience a powerful, palpable healing transmission of presence to align all aspects of Self in wholeness and harmony.

This Video on Demand is an opportunity to: explore the deepest truth of your being, uncover your hidden intuitive gifts, learn how to traverse space and time from a fifth-dimensional perspective, activate the miracles, magic, and mystery of your soul’s reality, and serve the awakening of humanity by stepping into your full potential.