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Cosmic Awareness & Expansion Thru The Rainbow Rays

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Online Healing Retreat:

Mastery of Energy Healing

Includes Video and MP3 for home-study use!

Take a Healing Energy Journey with Master Healer Alex Hermosillo, author of Hope, Healing and Miracles. – One man’s inspiring journey to Heaven, visitations by angels, and miracles healings of heart disease, tumors, migraine headaches, cancer, and more.

Three Meditations are included in this Online Healing Retreat: The Healing of Self, The Raising of Consciousness, and Living the State of Enlightenment. We’ll take a journey to nurture the physical body to release aches and pains, grief and suffering. This will create space to bring in higher energies, a higher state of consciousness, clarity, peace and balance. Finally, we’ll experience going into a State of Enlightenment. This is a high vibration session, and it’s been called Reiki on Sterioids as it harnesses the energy of the Cosmos and the energy of God.

These guided meditations will awaken your subconscious mind assisting you in releasing negative energies, thought patterns, emotions and memories that create confusion, doubts, fears, unworthiness, and even disease. Then, we bring in the positive energies that allows your intuition (that we “ALL” are born with!) to make the choices in our life that will bring to us, quickly, all of our heart’s desires!