Online Healing Retreat Video-on-Demand

with Lisa Transcendence Brown

Creating Reality with Pure Love Unity Consciousness with Lisa Transcendence Brown

VIDEO-on-demand with Downloadable video & audio versions (4. 5 Hours)


Online Healing Retreat:


VIDEO-on-Demand with Downloadable video & audio version

( 4 hours 25 minutes )

recorded May 6, 2018


Join us as Lisa takes us deep within our own hologram to unravel us from the Old 3D Matrix and place us squarely into Living from Our Hearts in Pure Love Unity Consciousness. Lisa holds a high-vibratory presence that is contagious! She helps you navigate your own way into this frequency and HOLD it for yourself and as a beacon to others in your life.

Your Soul will THANK YOU for this investment of time into YOU!

NEW Earth is REALities that you CREATE from inside of you, through your own Connected Consciousness, that you BIRTH and bring into this world, that you nurture, grow, shape and release to be free to touch the lives of all others as LOVE. It’s your every-moment EXPERIENCE that you bring into highest alignment, through your own presence, your own vibration, your own transmission, your own observations, realizations and your own UNITY LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS that you hold and SHARE with all that you come into contact with too. It’s your Quantum Energy transmitting across all SPACE-TIME for you, through the Light Encodements that you’ve activated and emanate out from your ENTIRE BEING, to activate all higher dimensional realities to start to come forth to materialize in your physical reality here.
HOW TO DO THIS will encompass many things, every thing…. and we will discuss learning to let go of “trying so hard” and learning to open up, listen, receive, see and allow all to come forth in response to the VIBRATION that you are “putting out”, through your work, through your connections, through your beliefs/thoughts and HOW to bypass some of the “hang-ups” that the intellectual human mind can create, which disrupt the field of PURE FLOW.

Learn how to:

  • SHIFT easier
  • CALL FORTH those realities that you desire
  • What you have to do next in order to make all happen, which is also a part of higher consciousness existence
  • It’s what you DO that matters (and where you come from), once you’ve integrated enough Light, in order to focus your own conscious energy to JUMP to a higher dimensional timeline faster for you to EXPERIENCE here.
  • Learn the ENERGIES of Alchemy, Mastery and NEW Earth Existence that you must apply to your every-moment-life
  • Learn how to transform, transform and Unify all back into LOVE fully from within
Ready to clear out some of those old beliefs and QUANTUM SHIFT within you to ACCOMPLISH in Universal FLOW with greater ease? Then JOIN US as we discuss, share and activate through this Light Encoded Activation Course to assist you in LIVING MORE LOVE! ♥

What Online Healing Retreat Participants are Saying………..

“My, that was a marathon session. I would really like to thank you both. It was my first session with you and I enjoyed it so much.
It hadn’t thought much beforehand about what it would be like; but it was it was totally different to what I expected.
It was wonderful and extremely informative. I hadn’t intended taking notes but I felt inspired to jot some down. I got several pages.
In short, amazing, fun and totally worthwhile.
Thank you,”

“Thank you very much for the yesterday’s online retreat. It was of a great value to me and other participants I believe. I found it very helpful and uplifting. I loved the connection.

I was unable to stay till the end as I lost my internet connection but I’m very happy I got to my question answered and could talk to Lisa. And in the end I did not lose anything as I could download the session.

Thank you and much love,”

 “I attended the retreat today and it was beyond amazing! It was exactly what I needed at this point in my process. Thank you to you and Lisa!”


“Let’s activate!”
– Sarab

Thank you Lauren
It was amazing meeting <3″
– Maoya