Online Healing Retreat

with Judy Cali

Diamond Golden Heart Light Activations

Online webcast with downloadable audio recording
3.5 Hours of Activations, Downloads and Channeled Information
plus downloadable recording
Judy Cali

Diamond Golden Heart Light Activations

3.5 hours of activations, downloads and messages from the Spiritual Hierarchy. We are surrounded by Golden Beings of Light and our Golden Dolphin as we stand in our Diamond Golden Christed Sacred Heart Elder Self. An Empowering Experience of Light as we move into 5D Oneness

Join Judy Cali for a Session of Activations of the Diamond Golden Heart Light!

You are now ready to fully step into your Golden Diamond Christed Sacred Heart Mastery.

You will Awaken, Download, Activate & Initiate your Golden Avatar Elder Self of The Golden Diamond Christed Sacred Heart Brotherhood & Sisterhood.

You will call in your Future Self who carries all this energy to Overlight You as you take your next step & open the New Golden Earth Doors & allow your full Golden Avatar Ascended Master Self to Manifest Now.

You will allow Your Golden Diamond Christed Sacred Rainbow to open all your Chakras, DNA, Gifts, Talents, Abilities, Skills, Tools, Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding & Knowing that you are Now ready for, as a Crystalline Being, in All your Bodies, Minds, Hearts & Spirit in Thought, Word & Deed.

You are now standing in your Golden Lotus 12th Dimensional Fully Expanded Illumined, Empowered Self, Sparkling, Shimmering & Glowing now aligning with the 1 % of the population on Gaia at this time who are part of The 7 th Golden Age of Wisdom & Peace Council of One Family.

You are now Home.

Judy will channel messages from your Family, The Golden Ones.