Online Healing Retreat Series

with Julie Umpleby

Diamond Template Activations

5 Video Sessions with Activations
Julie Umpleby

Online Healing Retreat:

Diamond Template Activations
A 5-Part Series of Videos



Package is valued at $250

The Diamond Template Activations program is an invitation to step up, to engage with your multidimensional Self and literally ‘plug into’ the Divine Matrix. It is a journey and a sequence of activations that pulls together the strands of all that you are and have been, and provides the infrastructure to anchor and realize the amazing power of your own best and Highest Self.

This is a powerful new consciousness experience of Diamond Consciousness and Diamond Light Codes that is expansive, heart-centred, deeply enriching and a quantum leap into the new energy of now.

This new and value packed offering consists of :

5 Webclasses (1 Online Session & 4 Video recordings)
5 Diamond Activations

Bonus gift   : Diamond Alignment with the New Planetary Human (webcast and mp3)
Please scroll down for more details as well as comments from those who have undertaken the program!

Note : After purchase you will receive a pdf file with a link to the web page that hosts all of your package files.. Please be sure to open this document when you receive it!

The Five Diamond Template Activations are :

Video  Activation 1 :  Deconstructing redundant patterns and Reconstructing your
Diamond matrix for activation of the templates
Assisting you to release and transform stagnant patterns, and activate your diamond light grid.                                     

Video :  Activation 2 : Activating your templates for Cosmic Heart Merge
A powerful heart expansion and connection with the Christed Cosmic Heart

Video : Activation 3 : Activating your DNA Informational Templates and opening to
receive the Diamond Light Codes
An amazing Light Code activation and download  

Video – Activation 4 : Balancing polarities and activating the inner Alchemical Marriage
Inner unification and connection to the zero point fields

Video:  Activation 5 : Activating your inner Cathedral of Light
A beautiful experience and amplification of your own divine light

Comments from Participants

“First I want to THANK YOU for sharing these amazing Diamond Activations. They are by far the strongest most connected activations I have experienced to date. I then signed up for your email list and received your generous free activations and meditations. The videos and music are exquisite! I was in BLISS and maintained a higher vibration for quite some time. What a gift you are sharing with the world. I am so very grateful!”  Julie (Austin, Texas)

I LOVE Diamond work and especially the way you facilitate it. It takes us to our core which is what most of us need right now. It is profound, life-altering and REALLY importantI just did the Bonus 2 (with the lion and time travels) it was amazing. As always now (since John Burgos’s show when I first travelled with you) I feel a deep calm and serenity filled with strength within and outside of me, I manage to see my diamond (that’s very new to me but it works!) and I follow your instructions. Many things come to my vision, sometimes even before you actually say them, that’s amazing to feel so connected and with others like that, I love it. Your work is AMAZING I’m so glad to be part of this.  Thank You!  With All my Heart!     Anne (France)

“ I really feel the energy when we are live online and I was in a blissful state during and after. I am loving this work and am not getting tired like before the activations! Thank you” 

Valerie (USA)

 “Again, I send much gratitude for this series. You have a wonderful presentation style and the activations are awesome. I have been using them daily and am looking forward to our next time together as a group” 

Mariah (USA)

“I have really enjoyed our sessions and “diamond group” time together.  So much coming up in my life and so many synchronicities with it as I know it’s all good. Things getting my attention… coming forth to be brought to the light.  So been very busy “keeping up” as I wanted to drop you a thank you email.  The diamond processes has provided me with new tools and visions to assist, how perfect!  I love numbers, patterns and colors and always loved math and science so this is beautiful as it ties in nicely with the spiritual path that is evolving for me. It is fun to share experiences with the group as we journey together.  Thanks again for your journey and sharing this process, looking forward to the next gathering!

 Joyce (USA) 

 “Thank you for bring forth such wonderful insight and understanding of the Diamond light.  I have received activations of the Diamond light matrix thru work I do with a Seraphic Spheres channel.  But when I connected or should say was ” strongly guided”  to you – WOW… I knew that what you had was for me too. The session today was truly a gift on many levels.  Also, I listened to the 3 bonus sessions in the package.  I have to say the inner child one for me was life changing,(thats the one I had the click with). I listen to it 3 time and went deeper and got clearer every time. Amazing energy.  I really felt that I was to listen to them before the  session today. Glad I did, I felt tuned in, energies whirling in even while you gave all the info. It wasn’t long and the movement started it was like looking thru a kaleidoscope, it just penetrated my being! Wonderful! We are living in such amazing times right now, thank you for stepping up”     

Linda (Mayer)