Online Healing Retreat

with Dr. Suzanne Lie

Merging & Integrating Multidimensional Aspects

2 Sessions in Audio Download
Dr. Suzanne Lie


Join Dr. Suzanne Lie and The Arcturians for channeled messages and guided meditations to identify, realize, merge and intergrate your Multidimensional Aspects.  As Multidimensional beings, we have the ability to access more light and information as we step into our roles for incarnating on the Planet.


A Message from the Arcturians:

Dear Ones, We are the Arcturians,

We wish to tell you all that each and every ONE of you has a special contribution to Planetary Ascension that you chose before you took this embodiment. It is more vital that most wish to realize that you begin to make some major changes about who is making the decisions about YOUR life, and  more importantly, about the life of GAIA.

Some humans come in with everything against them and chose to assist others as well as your dear planet. Then, there are some human  who come in with every thing for them, and yet, they still take, and take and take. They take from dear Gaia, they take from Gaia’s plant and animal kingdom and they take from humanity.

You may not know why we placed humanity as last of this list, which is because it is humans who are the TAKERS. However, it is also humans who are the GIVERS.

We, the Arcturians, know that if you are reading this article, you are a GIVER.

We, the Arcturians, know that many, in fact FAR TOO many of you have had major hardships in your life. We also know that many of you have been assisted by another human, who has remembered that YOU are Multidimensional Beings who took an earth vessel within this NOW to assist, not just humanity, but also, or primarily, to assist dear Gaia.

As you assist your planetary home to ascend, you also assist every being on your planet to ascend.

We, the Arcturians, as well as the Pleiadians, the Venusians, as well as other Higher Beings, wish to thank you for your courage, your tenacity to continue when the road is steep, and to lovingly assist others that you will meet along your Path of Planetary Ascension.

In closing, we give you a Mantra to assist you when you are tired, afraid and/or filled with doubt.

This Mantra is:


Beloved Volunteers to take an earth vessel to assist Gaia, Please remember that WE, your Galactic Family,  are HERE-NOW to assist you with the Ascension Mission that YOU chose before you took this incarnation.

Yes, you will remember your Mission

We the Arcturians, as well as all of our/your Galactic Family are HERE to help you NOW

Enjoy this program in 2 Ways

1. Online Broadcast so you can dedicate time and attention to the information.This is a beautiful and effective way to absorb the information and practice any toning that comes up for you, in your own personal environment.

MP3 Audio Downloads of the same programs so you can download them to your computer and mobile devices so you always have them and can enjoy from anywhere you travel. Return to these programs again and you’ll access more information that you missed in earlier listens.






OPTION 2:  ADD 4 Master Classes on Interdimensional Communication & Light Language


Interdimensional Communication: Decoding Light Language

A 2-Part Series in Audio Download

Online Webinars with downloadable MP3 Recordings & Guided Meditations


What we get from this interdimensional communication, is ideas, emotions, thoughts, and memories of our Higher Self.

Consciousness may drop and we lower back down to 3D linear, because we cannot hold the higher frequencies for too long.   Higher Dimensional communication with our Higher Self that remembers our lives on our home-world, star-ship, or other planets. We also remember our Galactic family and ascended masters who are recognized by unconditional Love. It is very important to write down these messages…because our brain is not used to holding this frequency of communication and we will forget it in a short time. These messages will be forgotten if we don’t write them down. These communications come from dreams, meditation, and walking in nature. It is an honor and responsibility to get these communications. We are a portal for them to use to get the information from the Higher Realms to the 3D realm.

If all of us who hear this call, can dedicate a certain place at a certain time, we will create a connection to the Portal of communication. This regular practice and dedication creates an energy field that is open for the communication. AS we do this, an open portal is created, which creates a multidimensional energy field which is palpable to others by the Higher Vibration. After you have developed this relationship, you will recognize the Higher Dimensional frequencies and the Higher Beings associated with them. You will also recognize your important role in planetary ascension.

  • Deeper relationship with Mother Earth, Gaia.
  • Aware of nature spirits
  • Your life is filled with adventures with nature, plants, rocks
  • You move into active participation with Gaia’s ascension.
  • Deeper connection with Higher Self



Three Courses in 3-Part Series Audio and Visual Download  (9 Sessions Total)




Course Description: 3 MP3 Downloads(2 hours each)
Learn how to read frequencies of Light Language! This Series with the Arcturians offers messages and meditations to assist you in expanding your consciousness into higher dimensions. As you expand your consciousness into the 5th Dimension and beyond, you are beginning to perceive thought forms and energy packages. Your Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience abilities are coming online, and with all of these skills arriving now, you are preparing yourself to be able to perceive,receive and interpret Light Language.

In this manner, we (The Arcturians, the Elementals, Angels, & Beings in the Inner Earth) will be able to speak to you via Light Language. When someone speaks to you in Light Language, it is a package of information that is whole and complete. There is information for the general population as well as specific information for you individually. This creates a aleg up on percieving and communing with your own higher dimensional self while you gather with others who commune and perceive their higher dimensional selves. While all higher dimensional selves bond in unity with their grounded ones…can you see the power of this corridor?

The Chakras are part of your interpretation of Light Lanaguage. Light Language has certain colors and tones, and each vibrate a specific frequencies. As you are able to interpret light language thru your Chakra Syste, which is alreaady connected to your spine, your light body and your endocrine system and major solar plexus, then you won’t just recieve the light language, you will be in alignment with thelight language. So instead of interpreting Light Lanaguage, you simply plug into it and just let it come thru.

The degree to which the chakras are balanced and in alignment will enhance your consciousness and allow you to perceive Light Lanaguage from a Higher Frequency, where you will get higher and higher frequency information.

When you are reading light language, you will be reading in higher frequencies than words offer, you will be bringing in whole packages of information. You will not have to interpret it, you simply absorb it into yourself, and BE what you have absorbed into yourself. When you learn to read higher frequencies of Light Language, you pull your consciousness into higher and higher frequencies of reality.

Look into the core of your own self and see if you are ready for this information. If you are ready for this information, are you ready to LIVE it? If so, please join us in this Online Healing Retreat – Light Language and The Human Chakra System.


Course Description: 3 MP3 Downloads 
Learn how to interpret frequencies of Light Language! Join this Series with the Arcturians who offer messages and meditations to assist you in expanding your consciousness into higher dimensions. This 3-Sesssion Course (2 hours each).

Expand your perception of Light Language. In Course 2 of Light Language with the Arcturians via Dr. Suzanne Lie, you’ll learn the following:

* The Importance of Maintaining Higher States of Consciousness
* Raising Your Personal Vibrational Frequency to Perceive Higher Dimensions
* Understanding the Frequency Band of Vibration
* Experiencing the soft form of the Light Field of Energy
* Transcending 3D reality to Perceive Light Language
* Understanding Brain Waves and their relationship to Colors
* Learning to percieve Light Language in between 3D Polarities
* Light Language is 5D and beyond

Each course includes a discussion on these topics, plus Guided Meditations and exercises with the Arcturians which allow you to experience and percieve Light Language. You’ll also be given exercises and “homework” to follow in the week between the group calls.

As you expand your consciousness into the 5th Dimension and beyond, you are beginning to perceive thought forms and energy packages. Your Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience abilities are coming online, and with all of these skills arriving now, you are preparing yourself to be able to perceive,receive and interpret Light Language.

GUIDED MEDITATIONS AND EXERCISES will be provided in this course:
Meditation to Perceive Brainwave Frequency
Guided Imagery on Colors in the Arcturian Corridor
Communicating with Your Higher Self


Preparing for the August Eclipse and the resetting of human consciousness, we are joined by the Arcturians via Dr. Suzanne Lie, who share on this next evolutionary step of Ascension. We also focus on the enhancement of our perceptions and our understanding of Light Language, which comes to each person in a variety of ways. This 3 day, live online class includes messages and guided meditations with the Arcturians, plus you will also have interaction and sharing on light language you receive and download.

Join us again as we create in the Now with Dr. Suzanne Lie and The Arcturians! This 3 Session Online Webinar will be two hours each session and offer information that advances on what we learned in Course 1 & 2.