Online Healing Retreat

with Jenny Schlitz

Explore the World of Elementals

Sunday, March 20
11am Pacific / 12pm Mountain / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern / 6pm GMT

Plus MP3 Downloadable recording of program


Online Healing Retreat:


Sunday, March 20

Learn about the unseen realms of the elementals: faeries, animals and spirit guides. Hear their messages and take part in a guided meditation that will help you connect to one of your guides from the elemental kingdom. Open yourself to this astonishing world!

Plus you’ll get these bonus items


Daily Mediation

Audio or Video Format (# of MP3s or videos etc) 1 MP3
Length of Program 14:01 minutes
Value of Program $22.00


Description of Item 1:
This meditation helps you to cleanse your aura and chakras, ground your energies, and to bring your body into alignment with source energy.





Cutting all that no longer serves

Audio or Video Format: 1 MP3
Length of Program: 21 minutes
Value of Program: $22.00

Description of Item 2
This meditation helps you to cut all contracts, agreements and contracts that no longer serve. This is important to do often as we go through spiritual growth.



Healing from your Ascension Team

Audio or Video Format: MP3
Length of Program: 27:01 minutes
Value of Program: $22.00


Description of Item 3
This mediation allows you to meet members of you Ascension team (guides, angels, and masters) and for you to receive healing from them. This meditation helps to expand your consciousness and heart chakra.