Online Healing Retreat

with Elizabeth Wood

Full Body Discernment

 Audio Download 

  Audio Download

Length – 2 hours


How do we tell what is Truth and what is not? This is a universally human problem! Some of us are better at seeing or feeling energy than others, but that doesn’t always allow us to know the full truth. So, how can we truly discern in this age of information? We can depend on the body!


In this online healing retreat you will learn:

  • How to tell what is false light and what is truth.
  • Basic ways to use the Brain Mind and 3rd Eye for discernment.
  • The power of the Heart Mind to help differentiate truth from false.
  • How to use the Gut Mind for intuitive discernment.
  • Other mystical ways of using the body for discernment!


Our bodies are like wonderful receivers of fluid information and frequency! Let’s journey together in learning how to fully use them to make our way in this world.