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with Bryan Rawls

Gaia: The New Earth Program Connecting to Magickal Realms

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Bryan Rawls

Online Healing Retreat:

The New Earth Program is all about expansion with the Magickal or Unseen Realms. It becomes a fascinating world when you remove the filters or beliefs systems that mankind has put on society and understand that the the Magickal Realms are being revealed again and magic is in the making with the magickal world of the Fae, Angels, Elemental’s, Spirit, and Ascended Masters. When you begin to open to the possibilties, you will be amazed at the magick that happens in your life. We’ll receive help from Ariana, Nigel, Glena, Satora, and many more who will be accompanying us in this online class of connecting with the Magickal Realms.

What will be experienced in this will be 5 Light Language Activation’s and how to work with each activation :

Elven Light Language to Activate Clairvoyance- Ariana and Nigel will activate the pineal gland and connect all parts of perception. Allowing the energetic expression of your Clairvoyance to awaken and be used in day to day activities

Tonal Activation to Awaken the Clairaudient- This activation will allow for the tiny ear chakras to become alive with the tones of my voice to the creation of the sound that will be brought forth will make your energetic expression come online and awaken the dormant clairaudience within you.

Vibrancy Frequency Clairsentient Awakening Activation- Awaken the innate empath within the substation of the human body that is located in the solar plexus sending massive waves of alchemical gold tones from the Crystalline beings of Telos, Atlantis, & Lemuria.

Awakening the Harmonic Frequency Healer Within the Matrix- The Alchemical awakening with fractions, numbers and waves of Frequency will awaken the healer within each and everyones hands activating the healer within.

Hope You all will join me in this magickal world of what we thought was impossible! ~ Bryan Rawls