Online Healing Retreat

with Elizabeth Wood

Healing Polarities - Unlocking the Inner Realm

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Healing Polarities – Unlocking the Inner Realm

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One of the wonders of this Universe is the existence of polarities – opposite energies which help illustrate and illuminate reality. The existence of polarities in our lives can be a precious tool for self examination and healing! Instead of causing us suffering and keeping us in a “spin” we can learn to use polarities to make huge breakthroughs in our bodies, lives and spiritual development. Join Elizabeth Wood on a journey to discover the Master Polarities she’s been uncovering in the hundreds of sessions she does for individuals and groups. Of course there are hundreds of polarities, but the special polarities which will be examined in this online retreat are the most common she’s found. Learn about:

  • How polarities have been used to control our inner realms.
  • The way that polarities can be used as a template to understand deeper programming and limiting beliefs.
  • The special process Elizabeth uses to heal them with wonderful results!

If you are a healer looking for another useful tool, or someone who would like an easy way to continue their healing and spiritual journey, this is a retreat you will certainly enjoy. Get off the “hamster wheel” of polarities and stressful spinning, and feel the peace and balance you desire!