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Self-Healing with Soul Body Fusion®
The Missing Piece for Healing and Beyond with Jonette Crowley

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2018/05/29 16:00:00

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Soul Body Fusion is a simple yet powerful tool for healing, wholeness and beyond that you can experience immediately. It makes you more anchored, grounded and living from the immense flow of your divine self. The wholeness makes you more powerfully you —magnetic to health and all the good things that support your life. Most people feel the Soul Body Fusion® the first time— even over the internet!

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Listen in to this Healing Conversation with Jonette Crowley:

Over the next 60 minutes you will discover how much of you, you’ve been missing all your life and why it has happened. Then you’ll experience a process that re-aligns you physically, emotionally and spiritually in a way that is transformative, simple and repeatable. Ever higher aspects of your Soul will become permanently integrated — giving you a totally new context for yourself and your future.