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During this time we LIGHT up so many decorations for the holidays and we Light so many candles for the holy days, Spirit asks us to give a gift to ourselves as we light up candles in this time of gift giving, and light up our own lights to shine them brightly during these times.

A Channelled Message via Audrey Light Language:

Dearest Ones:
We say unto you that as you enter into your times of your celebrating the days you call Holidays and your Holy days, we come to say to you to come to the knowing and to the acknowledgement that ALL your days are HOLY days.All your days are days for celebration and giving thanks and recognition of the Wondrous Gift of LIFE and to experience existence.

TO BE, to be in the KNOWING of SELF…
TO BE to be in awareness of self and self expression…
TO BE in life to be in a vessel …
Oh the miracle of it, the wonder of it !
You go about not acknowledging what WE say to you:
YOU are blessed
YOU are a blessing
YOU are HOLY not only on the days you acknowledge as your Holy and holidays to give thanks and be grateful and to be in expression of some of the highest upon but every day and every moment of your existence in embodiment and out.

There is a NEW day dawning. There is a NEW song being sun. There is a NEW Octave being played and we say to you to please join our channel and this one beloved, as well Lauren, as we come to bring to you through our beloved channel Audrey the energies and frequencies and the key coding to help you as you move along on your EVOLutionary journeys upon your way to take part in the New and the NEW you! Blessings Beloveds and we hope you shall take part in this gift being offered to you at this time.