Online Healing Retreats

with Denisa Nelson

Living Ashram of Love

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This Online Healing Retreat will be one that will truly begin to further dissolve the veil for you as I tap into the energies of Yeshua, the Magdalena… the be a conductor of Love itself. Our deepest desire is to Be Love… to Radiate that which God is… that which we are and extend that perfect creation “out into the world.”

This event will be wonder-filled, magical… we will explain to you how to communicate with your “own” universe. We will begin to “awaken” and realize that all we thought was so real, so necessary,So important…all of that falls away, often gently and just as often not so gently, as Love appears and with great perfection begins the peeling of the onion. There will be opportunities to ask questions and there will be healings… they just happen when one enters this space and says yes to Love…

So if you feel that call… then join with us…


“I listen to your show pretty regularly and I was very much touched by Denisa Nelson so I decided to sign up for her special offer.

I have had two sessions with her and I am blown away by the love she channels. My heart was heavy with the grief and loss of certain relationships on the one hand while deeply frustrated with other relationships in my life. At the bottom of it all was an overwhelming send of really messing up and having done something dreadful somehow, (not in this life time). I have been carrying around a huge burden of guilt, shame and fear, which I have tried to heal through spiritual practice since I was in my mid twenties ( over 40 years ago). I am free of the emotions attached to these difficulties and much more capable of appreciating the beautiful gifts in each of those relationships now that I was two weeks ago.

I suppose it is true that all things come to pass in their own time and are eventually healed. My time came during my first session with Denisa when I was most powerfully embraced by Jeshua and Mary Magdalena. The energy of this experience was palpable and carried on for the following days. I notice a significant shift energetically that feels very stable.

We all know each travels a unique path, but I have to recommend in the highest terms to you and anyone else who shares healing conversations, please allow Denisa to channel Jeshua for you, and to bring you home to love. It is truly real.

I admire and appreciate your service to all of us.

May you be blessed,”