Online Healing Retreat

with Judy Cali & Lauren Galey

Manifesting New Earth by Living Your Soul Purpose

2 Sessions in MP3 Download
Judy Cali
with your host Lauren Galey

Manifesting New Earth by Living Your Soul Purpose

As we Activate our Diamond Golden Heart Light, we are now ready to Manifest New Earth by Living Our Soul Purpose. In this 2-session series, we will be surrounded by Golden Beings of Light, and our Golden Dolphin as we call for our Diamond Golden Christed Sacred Heart Elder Self to step forth. From this place of Mastery and Sovereignty, we will align with the energies of the 11-11 Gateway to identify and empower our Soul Purpose, dream our biggest dreams, and create from the Sacred Heart.

In this webinar series, you will discover:

  • How to Identify Your Soul Purpose or Soul Desire
  • How to use Sacred Geometry to Empower your Soul Purpose
  • How to Live Your Soul Purpose in Abundance
  • 5D Business Practices & Universal Laws

Psychic Channel Judy Cali will bring forth Buckminster Fuller to overlight this webinar series. As a master of great innovations and a designer and architect, Buckminster will bring forth empowering messages that remind you to Dream BIG and claim your True Potential! She will also channel messages from the Higher Realms and bring forth Angelic Blessings to bless and clear your body, home, business or venture.

Career Intuitive Lauren Galey will assist you in understanding your own personal Soul Path, and how to use Sacred Geometry to empower you Soul Purpose and heart-centered business. She’ll also share wealth consciousness exercises that help you break free from self-sabotaging belief-systems and raise your money-vibration frequency.

Each 2 hour session will empower you to manifest New Earth by Living Your Soul Purpose. Includes downloadable MP3 Audio Recordings.