Mastery Empowerment Course

with Sherry Mosley

Akashic Enlightenment Light Language Sessions: Ancient Egypt & Galactic Timeline Portals

Audio & Video Sessions

$33 each or

$55 for both

Sherry Mosley

Akashic Enlightenment Light Language Transmission: Ancient Egypt and Galactic Timeline Portals

2 Sessions

In this two part series Sherry will be working with Akashic Enlightenment (your Akashic Records and the Book of Truth) and Light Language in many different frequencies directed by the Divine reconnecting you back to your ancient Egyptian timelines or lives that you were aware and awake and in line with your mission as seeding and maintaining part of the early consciousness awakening occurring at that time including connecting to the Essenes and the Beings who were working with them to assist Jesus in carrying on with his Divine Blueprint as coordinated by the Elohim/Yahweh.

The second transmission we’ll reconnect you with your ability to go through time portals again reminding you of how you can choose your highest path at all times, skip time lapses for fear based patterns and learned beliefs not from the Divine. Step into your highest timeline now and moving forward. Replay anytime you need to move forward into your best timeline or feel unsure if you’re on your best timeline.