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with Lisa Transcendence Brown

New Earth Existence Program with Lisa Transcendence Brown

New Earth Existence Program

Home-Study Course in Digital Download


New Earth Existence Program

Home-Study Course in Digital Download


Online Healing Retreat Home Study Course Description

NEW Earth Existence Program: Module 2

“Opening Our Hearts and Minds to Unify as One, Recognizing Resistance, Letting Go/Surrendering to Self and What Happens as We Do” MP3 Digital Recording of this Group Module Download (3 hours and 36 minutes) MP3 Digital Download: Quantum Light Activation “​You Are Love, Pure & Simple: Letting Go of All That Is Not You” (12 minutes)

All Light Encoded Higher-Consciousness Activation Work, listen to this recorded replay brought forth from Lisa Transcendence Brown, co-host (and fellow angel), Melissa Adams, and program participants for Module 2 recording from Lisa’s NEW Earth Existence 13-Week In-Depth Full Program Series.

As the vibrations on Earth rise substantially to open the hearts and minds of all, everyone and everything is going through a HUGE transformation process and evolving beyond anything once even considered as possible before. The entire process will literally blow your mind, which is the point. Opening your heart ignites your soul, and triggers any human separation and lack of pure love to emerge/cleanse your cells so that your true you, your pure you, the light of your own soul can fully emerge, come through and integrate inside of your body for you to walk on NEW Earth NOW. This is a whole new existence, one where you see old programs, yet do not believe them anymore. They no longer control you, dictate your world and how you live your life anymore. Pure freedom, pure peace, pure deep profound and sacred love. The Divinity of your essence radiates from your entire being as you hold light and leave the old mentality realities behind. This is a vast process that can be simple when you fully open your heart and mind, relinquish the fight between your head and heart and surrender to your own higher self aspects and honor them from inside of you. They are no longer “out there”. You become these aspects, which is confusing as you merge multiple dimensional aspects of your selves. Lucid Dreamy, sleepy, foggy is a huge part of this process too. Decoding the matrix, transcending all human’ness and lack. Standing in your power, from inside, claiming the brilliance and magnificence that you already are, releasing the old belief systems that used to run rampant and silently in your subconscious, listening to them, dissolving any resistance and struggle and merging all back to love inside. Self acceptance, self empowerment, self love… embracing who you truly are and realizing who you are not, where you compromised, didn’t honor you… all of this is a part of the Awakening to Remembering process that all go through. You can completely transcend all and Live a vibrant and thriving life of pure love, pure bliss, pure magic… You do have to choose it and want it enough. We discuss all of this so that you have the tools of knowledge and higher consciousness wisdom to guide you into experiencing all of this with greater ease and happiness too!

In this module, we discussed:

  • Opening Our Hearts and Minds to Unify as One
  • Recognizing Resistance, Letting Go/ Surrendering to Self, and what happens as we do
  • Upgrading as a Constant Process: Flowing with the self, mind, and physical world as it presents and the navigational tools to accomplish this
  • Seeing Opportunities as Gifts: Opportunities as the Universe’s way to get us to take our gifts and put them out there to assist, stepping into the energy of fear and working with the energy that blocks us from opportunities. The power of saying “I AM ready.”
  • Awareness and Consciousness: Seeing with your whole body, being conscious of what is going on with us in every moment. Using the “outside world” as a tool to see. Setting up markers for the different dimensions/aspects of self that are present.
  • Responsibility, taking our power back, and giving others the gift of responsibility for their own realities.
  • Unity Consciousness: Differences between conscious and unconscious
  • Awareness and our Hologram: BEing aware of the energy you are transmitting and how it affects your hologram/holographic reality, coming from the highest state of consciousness in every moment, recognizing energy and how it affects flow, understanding the energy of everything. You are the gridwork for New Earth!

QUANTUM LIGHT ACTIVATION: You Are Love, Pure & Simple: Letting Go of All That Is Not You (12 minutes)

Choosing from the heart means raising up in vibration and letting everything go. The need to hold on causes suffering by drawing a reality to you that you do not want based on old, unconscious programming. Our consciousness dictates the reality we get. When we come from love, light, and peace, we get a reality of love, light, and peace. In this activation, Lisa guides you to let go of the old beliefs and remember your mastery fully in order to live beyond the veils. We are here to shine, and we do so by intentionally shifting out of our heads and into our hearts. Remember that you have a choice, and you can choose to live from your heart as love, pure and simple.