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Diamond Alchemy with Julie Umpleby

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Julie Umpleby

The Diamond Alchemy of the Five Elements and the Golden Pearl

The true spirit of Alchemy takes us ‘home’ to that space where man was truly free and consciously existed from a place of love and gratitude.  It is Alchemy that ultimately brings about a re-emergence of the true heart, that we may Live our lives from this place of truth and guidance. It is Alchemy that facilitates our conscious alignment with what we may refer to as the new earth, a higher vibrational consciousness construct that we are currently birthing.

One of the definitions of the word Alchemy is “A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination”. Alchemy is also thought of as being the transmutation of base ‘matter’ into gold, the true meaning of which is applied to our spiritual journey and the embodiment of our golden essence, our quintessence. It is a journey to become the Living bridge between the world of matter and the non-material, a holding space where the material world is transformed through being infused with your true essence.
The diamond light grid is your Powerful, Sacred Alchemical crucible for this transformation.


This spiritually and physically energising retreat will explore the meaning of Alchemy as it links with the emerging Diamond Consciousness, the overlighting ascended masters supporting this part of our evolutionary journey, and a unique diamond process to activate the golden pearl of innate wisdom through the Five key elements, providing you with a strong foundation for ongoing alchemical transformation.

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The Diamond Alchemy program is a gift from ‘beyond the beyond’ to assist you in integrating and embodying the multiple faceted, high dimensional being you were designed to be.

You will experience the depth of your own personal transformation and alignment with your masterful Self through these specially created alchemical diamond processes. Each session contains a formulated blend of scientific insight, alchemical and symbolic understanding and advanced frequency processes to help you reclaim your authentic expression. This transformational alchemy leads you on a profound healing journey through the elements, your power source within the mitochondrial DNA, your ancestral and cosmic identities and immersion into the ‘void’ through the enigmatic Black Diamond.

Described as one of the most powerful Diamond Programs delegates have attended – dare to step up and into the crucible of ultimate transformation.

1. The Fundamentals of Diamond Alchemy and the Five Key Elements
This session will cover an introduction to Alchemy as it links with the Diamond, the overlighting ascended masters, and a diamond process to activate and infuse the Five key elements to provide a foundation for ongoing transformation.

2. Accessing the Creational and Alchemical power of the Sacred Feminine
Within each cell of your body is a powerhouse organelle that contains DNA which is different to traditional nuclear DNA. This DNA is circular in form and connects us to Power of the Sacred Feminine. In this session, we will explore this aspect of your DNA, undertake healing of the feminine lineage and ignite your personal sacred connection to the Divine Feminine source of creation.

3. Becoming the Living Diamond Bridge between Past and Future
Science and genetic studies show us that we are much more closely related biologically to the rest of the human race than we had perhaps believed. We truly are all cousins! In this session, we will undertake an alchemical process to bring healing to our personal and collective ancestry as well as our future lives, so that we bring greater energy and potential into the NOW for manifestation.

4. The Alchemy of Divine Darkness
In this session we will connect and work with the energy of the Black Diamond as a transformer of our unconscious. Here we will bring more of what lies in our personal and collective unconscious into the sacred space and source of light, elevating and bringing more of inherent wisdom and power into being.

5. Resurrecting your Cosmic Self through the Diamond
Your Cosmic Self is your ultimate source of wisdom, your conduit to Source and your access key to a multidimensional living library. In this session we will develop your Diamond as an antenna and receiver of frequencies to reawaken and resurrect the dormant aspects of your Cosmic Self. This alchemical process expands your intuitive abilities and opens your cellular structures to embody your grand body of light, your cosmic Diamond body. 

Bonus 1 : Four Diamond Power Processes (mp3’s)

These four mp3’s support the alchemical journey by facilitating :

  • Reclaiming your Power (sealing any power leakages)
  • Harnessing the Power of Your Heritage (ancestry)
  • Calling in the Power of your Future Self
  • Accepting the Power of Your Sacred Mirrors

Bonus 2 :  The Diamond Light Code Transmission , ‘Creating Abundance’ (mp4)
This encoded video transmission will assist in reprogramming your DNA for receiving a greater flow of abundance into your life.