Online Healing Retreat

with Gene Ang

Online Healing Retreat: The Solar Logos Transmissions

3 Sessions (2 hours each)

PLUS each energy transmission is extracted into it’s own audio download

OHR Gene Ang 12.2018 (2)

Online Healing Retreat: The Solar Logos Transmissions
3 Sessions of Energy Transmissions

In this three part series, we will be making a deeper connection with the being of the sun known as the Solar Logos.  The Solar Logos is also known as the Christ Being and through the ages and different cultures has been referred to as Ahura Mazdao and acts as a fractal emanation pattern of the Godhead which humanity can relate to.  We can go into deeper resonance with the information field of the Solar Logos in order to develop and bring through our own Higher Self.

There are three Solar Logos transmissions meant to fully prepare us for this time of initiation during the month of December.  The first transmission is called the Clearing of Obstacles and is meant to help cleanse all the subtle bodies (physical, etheric, emotional, mental, causal, spiritual, and divine) of traumas incurred in this life as well as past lives.  This helps us to be able to fully receive the divine energies and frequencies in transmission 2 and 3.

The second transmission is called the Chalice of the Heart.  In this transmission, the Solar Logos energies and consciousness will further open the 6 out of the 12 petals in the heart chakra.  The framework we are using here is that the heart chakra contains 12 lotus petals.  So far in humanity 6 of these petals or sections are already open.  The work of humanity is to open the remaining 6.  This transmission accelerates and aids the development of each person to further open fully these remaining 6 lotus petals of the heart.

The third transmission is a culmination transmission called the Christic Coordination.  In this transmission the heart center; the center for feeling and compassion, is coordinated with the head center; the center for intelligence and clairvoyance, and the belly center; the center for will and action.  All 3 centers are then coordinated and connected to the first chakra above the head which is the center for our incarnated soul or Higher Self.  The first chakra above the head is also the communication point for the conversation or connection with our Holy Guardian Angel.  From this first center above the head we are further able to communicate with our other Guides and Higher Beings of the Spiritual Hierarchy.  These include the Angels, Archangels, Archai, Elohim, Dynamis, Kyriotetes, Thrones, Cherubim, and Seraphim.

This series of transmission is meant to fully connect us to our Higher Self so that we can be of greater service to other people, other beings, and the planet.