Online Healing Retreats

with Sara Landon and The Council

Perfect Health Workshop

3 Online Webcasts plus MP3 Downloads

Saturday, August 12
11am Pacific / 12pm Mountain / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern / 7pm GMT
3 Consecutive Hour-long sessions with The Council with breaks in between
PLUS MP3 Audio Downloads of each individual Session


Online Healing Retreat:


Saturday, August 12

Do you want to heal your body of pain, disease, and illness? Are you feeling sluggish, tired, or depressed? Or maybe you are ready to release excess weight and transform your body to your ideal weight. In this online workshop series, The Council will inspire you to heal, transform, and revitalize your amazing body! Special Offer: $33, Valued at $111

This 3-Part, Online Workshop, plus Q&A, will provide answers, tools, & processes to discover:

  • How To Achieve Optimal Health & Wellness To Live A Vibrant Life
  • How To Identify & Release The Real Causes Behind Pain & Disease
  • Decoding Diseases, Pain, & Ailments In The Body
  • What Causes You To Feel Tired & Lethargic & How To Energize Your Body
  • Shifting Depression To Feel Excited, Hopeful, & Passionate About Life
  • How to Release Excess Weight & Transform Your Body To Reach Your Ideal Weight
  • What Foods You Should Be Eating & What Foods You Should Avoid
  • What Is The Best Form Of Exercise For Weight Loss & Ideal Health
  • Anti-Aging Techniques That You Can Apply Today To Look & Feel Younger
  • How Environmental Factors Affect Your Health & Well-being
  • Strategies & Techniques To Eliminate Stress In Your Daily Life
  • Understanding The Role Of Genetics & How To Change Your DNA
  • How To Accept & Embrace Your Current Conditions When Feeling Powerless
  • Determine Who You Will BE & How Your Life Will Be Transformed When You Realize Your Perfect Health