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with Elizabeth Wood

Preparing for the Great Global Shift with Elizabeth Wood

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Preparing for the Great Global Shift

We’ve been watching for the Awakening of humankind and we are now entering into one of the largest waves of change to come! This coming Winter Solstice has a very important message – It’s time to stand with Mother Earth and Mother Divine as they break down what is left of the Matrix in human systems. Spiritually, we all know what this means and have been aware of it if we’ve done a minimal amount of research. The financial systems of Earth, the political systems, the distribution systems, and everything that has made up the Patriarchy, is coming down. We will have to sift through what is left and choose certain aspects we want to keep. We will have to rebuild from the local community level in order to see the full replenishing of our relationship with Earth. Let’s get prepared spiritually, emotionally, and physically together!

  • Learn what you need to do each day to be able to handle the emotional side of all this change.
  • Discover the “basics” again and how to help your family and friends shift comfortably.
  • Understand the incredible value this shift will have for our spiritual development.
  • Get simple ideas in place to help your community thrive!

Elizabeth’s father was a Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Warfare Defense Specialist and regularly teaches classes about how to get by during disaster to community members all over the country. Elizabeth has studied long term survival of communities, biodynamics, and along with her father’s knowledge, has a complete system of preparedness which we can all benefit from.

Don’t buy into fear! Be ready, motivated and open instead. Know that if you set yourself up willingly, this shift can be the doorway to the most important era of humankind!

BONUS WORKBOOK and CHECKLIST about all levels of preparedness, partially written by Edward McCullough, Elizabeth’s father, will be a part of this for you.