Online Healing Retreats

with Dorian Light

Psychic Energetics and Light Language

MP3 Downloads – 2.5 hours

Includes online event (webinar) and recording for home-study use

Dorian Light

Online Healing Retreat:


Experience a session of Psychic Energetics with Energy Healer Dorian Light, who will use the Language of Light and Psychic Energetics to clear patterns of old programming from past lives so that you can create the future of your dreams during this time of the Great Shift.

Dorian will also do clearing work around certain patterns and programs that are coming up in people’s energy fields. She will be using her teaching of “What Is The Possibility” to help people step into their power and their purpose. Dorian will also conduct a “key code” clearing and a DNA/Lightbody Activation with the Language of Light. “So many have past and current life patterns and programs, belief systems, karmic contracts that can be sabotaging your life,” says Dorian, “With your Higher Self’s permission, I will shift this old energy to remove these negative patterns. It will activate key codes embedded within you, and it clear mutations that keep you from moving into the 12 strains of your DNA. I also use Light Language which can clear these mutations and help bring our DNA online, which consequently bring us to our Light Body.”

This program includes a clearing of all oaths, vows and contracts ever made in past lives or this lifetime, especially Poverty Consciousness and the need to struggle for money. Step into your abundance and your own Self-Mastery with this Psychic Energetics clearing of key code memory banks with Energy Healer Dorian Light.

Here’s what we will be working on with you…

Light Code Attunement, Alignment & Activation
Clearing and Releasing “self sabotaging patterns”. Why so many Lightworkers are hiding and clearing those sabotaging patterns.

Clearing and releasing “soul patterns” that keep you from fully stepping into your power.
Clearing & Releasing various programs that I have recently identified in people’s fields that are coming up to be released, bringing in new awareness and understanding to help you step into your soul’s purpose.
Stepping into your power and purpose with the “What Is The Possibility” principle.