Online Healing Retreat

with Lisa Transcendence Brown

Receiving Clearer Higher Self/Universal Messages

Video-on-Demand with Downloadable recording in video & audio

4.5 Hours


Online Healing Retreat:


Video-on-Demand with downloadable video and audio recording

In this 4.5 hour Quantum Discussion, Lisa will provide you with clear tools to utilize and implement in order to further open your own inner channels to higher dimensional/higher vibrational knowledge and realities for you to anchor in your physical reality here.

Special Offer: $33, Valued at $111

An entire Light Encoded exchange, together we will simplify the process of accessing alternate dimensions and timelines and processes for HOW to understand, use this information, open portals that grow from energetic ones emanating from your heart to ones you actually walk through in order to actually EXPERIENCE your NEW Earth realities faster. We will discuss the perceived perpetual blocks and how to bypass and dissolve these with greater ease. Lisa will provide you with KEY CODES that collapse old matrix programming the moment you speak them.

We will discuss many of the process for how Multi-Dimensionality works, as there are intricacies that are SOOOO simple, they blow our human minds.

Understanding how our physical bodies fit into this whole thing, how our physical reality correlates and is a RESPONSE, and how to expand our consciousness BEYOND the physical in order to SEE what was not visible before gives us POWER we didn’t not have before.

We will have open discussion throughout, to answer YOUR QUESTIONS, so that you can shift easier, get more clarity and understand easier in order to get started immediately!

What you will receive:

  • A brand new Quantum Crystalline Light Body Activation written by Lisa just for this!
  • Simple tools to implement for greater ease!
  • How to open portals/channels to your infinite Universal Higher Selves
  • How to shift from weak victim-mode, non-believing or hesitancy to NEW POWER in doing this
  • What to do with the information once you have it
  • How different phases and processes work
  • Replace 1 way communication with 2-way communication
  • How to read your own matrix programs and some simple decoding tools you can use too
  • How to stop trying so hard and do all of this with great ease!
  • So very much more!

So, bring yourself, your readiness and we shall rock it out as love! ♥ How exciting! More for everyone! WE LOVE this! So much fun! ♥ See you there!