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with Tamra Oviatt

Activate Your Sacred Geometry for Prosperity and Abundance!

Online Healing Retreat
~Sacred Activations for Money Prosperity and Abundance with Tamra Oviatt ~
Includes Video and MP3 for home-study use

Tamra Oviatt

~ Online Healing Retreat ~

~Sacred Activations 2 for Healers & Psychic Development with Tamra Oviatt
Includes Video and MP3 for home-study use

Activate The Sacred Geometry Within You with Sacred Activations!

This 2-hour Online Healing Retreat shares with you 6 Sacred Activations with Tamra Oviatt to activate your sacred geometry & open the flow of Money and Prosperity.

Sacred Activations for Money & Prosperity:


Do you live your life for others?

Are other people’s lives and emotions more important than your own?

Were you taught to put others first?
This activation is for you…



This activation releases you from genetic cultural, religious beliefs of being too good or not good enough. It aligns you to be a citizen of the universe without judging yourself or others. It allows you to align with your peers and feel good about yourself, no matter how you grew up.


Do you find yourself playing it small so other can feel comfortable around you?
Are you afraid of your true power?
Do you hide?
Do you work in jobs that do not use your full potential?
Do not tell people how you really feel?
Are you ready to be in your power?
Are you ready to be you truly are to be?
Are you ready to show your full power of who you truly are?


Fight or Fly, these beliefs are very ingrained in our DNA and the collective consciousness.
As for centuries man has fought for land and resources, if they did not feel strong enough they ran.
This deactivation releases you form all of those beliefs that are ingrained in you.
So you can look at any problem without any of these attachments and make the best decision for you.


This activation releases you from the collective consciousness of being in debt and the religious consciousness of being in debt. It releases any trauma or belief systems of imprisonment for your debt or your family’s debt. A lot of people feel indebted to society, to the government, to work, to family and society as a whole. This activation releases you from all of it.


The vortex of creation, creating abundance in your life.
Abundance is an energy that we can plug into.
This activation is to be used over and over again,
getting used to this energy of creation.
Of allowing abundance to flow.
During this activation we also plug into the
collective consciousness of abundance. If this is an energy you’re
not used to, it is important to do it over and over again.
So that we can place neuron lines of this positive energy in your brain.
Allowing this energy to be natural to you. And when it is you will find you’re abundant
in many ways of your life and abundance will continue to flow into your life.

Why Sacred Activations?

Sacred Activations unplug you from the group consciousness that may be controlling your life…..and you may not even be aware of it. This planet we
call Earth is changing and evolving very quickly. As a world we are moving our vibration from the Third Dimension to the Fifth Dimension.
The Third Dimensional grid system is filled with fear and a suffering energy and keeps you locked into those energies.

The easiest way for us to change this situation is to clear out our belief systems to allow ourselves to vibrate at higher and higher levels.

Sacred Activations give you a better connection to see your spirit guides, your Angels, to the Creator of all that is,
and to your Higher Self. Allowing you to live in peace, knowing all is well, and that you are safe.

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