Online Healing Retreat

with Sandra Walter

Golden Race DNA Activation

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Online Healing Retreat
~ Ascension Gateway 2015 ~

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Online Healing Retreat Description:
The Ascension Gateways present us with the miraculous; a merging of the Higher and Lower Self right through the body vehicle. Sandra will share how to align our multidimensional expressions and activate the Solar Cosmic Christ consciousness, in order to take advantage of this powerful window of opportunity.

Attune your perception to the Fifth Dimensional state of beingness. Divine Love, Joy and Abundance are available to all who choose to embrace the New Paradigm.


A Message from Sandra

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Many of you are experiencing the dramatic shift in the energies since last week. We officially entered the pull of the Equinox wave, and it brings us into a heightened state of the multidimensional merge. You may have noticed the merge has gone far beyond Higher Self and Lower Self, and involves many levels and dimensional expressions of You, Your Divine Team and Higher dimensional consciousness. Stronger waves are expected again February 22 -25.

The Equinox Eclipse Passage

It is a powerful phase, and somewhat mysterious as we cut paths through the unknown. Gatekeepers have been busy and I AM deeply moved by how this is unfolding. It is brilliant to witness the unique expressions of the return of the Christ which are lighting up through the HUman heart grid. We are going to break apart many belief systems, religious patterns, and repetitive activities – even within the awakened collective – with this next phase.

As the great cosmic trigger presents a Solar eclipse/Equinox on March 20 (Eclipse peak at 2:45am PT, Equinox at 3:45pm PT), and the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse on April 4 (Full Moon/Eclipse peak at 5:06amPT, also the day before Easter), all of our attention shifts to merging with higher levels of consciousness. Cosmic factors, including strong waves of photonic plasma, are currently sending many initiates into higher experiences of the merge. Gatekeepers who are energetically connected to the gates are experiencing profound fusion with these energies. You may feel like a shell rolling in and out on the shoreline waves as the Gates adjust and breathe with this new light.

What is happening in the NOW?

For me personally, linear communication is difficult. My lower self runs like a holographic insert on autopilot to take care of grounded busy-ness, brief conversations, or short tasks. I AM very aware of how that functions now, and am learning how to focus my attention in many dimensions at once. Days fly by like a dream, stepping in and out of merge sequences. As the SUN begins to set, I prepare myself for work. Meditations, Gatework, and High 4D Dreamstate are very lucid. It is a complete commitment to the unknown.

There is a grand co-creation underway with this Equinox passage; Cosmic alignments provide an opportunity to use stronger threads of photon waves to accelerate the path of initiates. A month ago when my team shared that we were about to become the Royal We, I understood that everything was about to slide into the Equinox funnel. We are there, and it is something you either experience or you don’t. I have not felt the Division of Worlds so strongly in quite a while. Bless everyone who is undertaking this level of Ascension.

Currently the Christed merge presenting includes:

5D Higher Self and layers of the 5D/6D new Gaia consciousness

6D – 8D Soul and Galactic layers

9D HUman/I AM templates/Oversoul layers

My Team says our collective reality does not have the capability to handle multiple embodiments beyond 9D right now. Glimpses of it in your visions and personal journey, yes. However, holding that frequency within the body vehicle as a permanent shift does not serve at the moment. Thousands of HUmans embodying a complete Christed state (that’s all 12 lower dimensions and every expression on each dimensional layer) literally blows apart the lower 4D reality.

So we are doing it in stages, which protects the ascending collective as well as the low 4D holodeck reality. This keeps you walking in-between worlds, experiencing multiple dimensions simultaneously. It allows us to demonstrate what is available prior to a complete Christ embodiment, which at this stage would take you out of the collective visible spectrum (and drop the body form).

As the balloon/rising/expansion sensations grow stronger, remember it is a side-effect of holding higher consciousness within the body (as opposed to leaving). Many of us are having the empty-room dreams or visions, the clearing out of our lifestream, closing up shop, or a repeat of the train dreams (watching others scramble for the train, driving the train, flying past the train). This moving on metaphor is a departure from lower, recognizable states of consciousness.

Note the Lightserver effect (this is why we use Lightserver rather than Lightworker, dear Guardians of the New Light): You act like a computer server hard-wired to the Shift, the Ascension, and Higher consciousness, sending out the new light frequencies through the grid of HUman hearts. Since the merge can be overwhelming, keep this in heart as we venture into unknown territory.

Mission Shift: Pay Attention

Our missions grow more precise during the merge. No worries if you are stepping away from the classic ways of Wayshowing. Others are stepping into the roles we are leaving. Thank goodness, since the embodiment is quite bizarre to undertake. The folks who had a hard time physically or mentally with the last few years are crawling out of the cave, and may step into workshop/video/blog mode and help the new initiates, and there are many. I AM honored to have many teachers participating in Ascension Path right now.

The energies this year do a great job of sorting out levels of consciousness. Be true to your path and unique voice. If you have a sense of being unprepared, do something about it. Learn and get on with your expansion and service. Zero Point gets more and more challenging, take care to keep up.

Breaking up belief systems and old patterns – even in teaching/Wayshowing – is on the agenda right now. Misinterpretations of what is and is not happening tend to run wild as the veils thin. The magnetics allow for a great scramble as the astral planes collapse. It serves the Ascension through personal and collective revelation, the divine end of rigid beliefs of what is or is not true.

The death of duality seems like a slow slaughter to the lower levels. This is why we command our Higher levels to seize the lifestream and direct it; the lower self is merely experiencing shadows of what was, for the collective benefit. That is crystal clear as the merge engages the 7-9D layers. The Ascension is consistently fine-tuned to adapt to what is needed. We are optimizing this window of opportunity, and it is brilliant to participate in it.

The new consciousness will step in where it is unexpected, in unrecognizable ways, in order to dissolve the densest of collective beliefs. We are making it as potent as possible for the collective, so they fully learn and realize non-judgment and unconditional love.

Remember Love is a Light Technology, a Source-level intelligence which can be experienced in HUman form in profound ways. Every old imprint of Christ stereotypes will be overturned; angelic presentations, preaching from a pulpit, the Galactic babel imprints, Masculine embodiment, glowing energy fields and working miracles. All old light constructs will be challenged, along with many New Age (an Old Age for years now) systems of delivering intel, activations or initiations. Classic judgment-based paths to the Christ will dissolve in the creative New Light journey of the Heart. Expect the unexpected. And honor it.

Describing the Merge

However the merge of consciousness is presenting for you (goodness there are so many different expressions of the same thing, truly a creative endeavor), the sensation of leaving lower states of consciousness permanently is physically, mentally, and emotionally apparent. Those structures are morphing into new support mechanisms, and their transformation is unmistakable.

There is a great telepathic unity which proposes questions and answers them instantly. The legions of Light involved are immense and eyes-open visible. Personally, I cannot turn that off at will anymore. Those who have had brilliant initiations in the past (typically there are three mind-blowing, heart-opening, internal gateway-blasting experiences of the Higher realms which lock us onto the Christ path) may be experiencing the merge of dimensional awareness through the pineal.

Portals, visions, gates, beings, energy fields and Divine Teams present with eyes open; close your eyes and it is also in the third/fourth eye vision. Merging as One. As fascinating and helpful as the pineal show can be, it is the feeling-based, heart-based communion with higher realms that has locked in and will not waver ever again. The lower levels (ego, mind, emotion) surrendered and the Higher Self begins to rewrite the consciousness in alignment with Divine Will.

Divine Will, no longer bound by the restraints of lower aspects or old agreements, opens to consistently higher possibilities for the lifestream. The merge serves the collective Ascension by utilizing both the prearranged possibilities and the flow of the present collective consciousness. The merge suits the journey, it adjusts to it.

Gatekeeper Check-In

I had a chat with a fellow Gatekeeper and we both received guidance to protect this passage. That hasn’t presented in a vivid way in a while. The Gates themselves have demanded my attention over the last few weeks, and the intensity is dramatic, gorgeous, profound. Not just on a collective here-it-comes level but on a personal stargate level as well.

My Team demands all of my consciousness to be focused on the strengthening of the merge. My body and awareness feel completely different from moment to moment; there is a deep wisdom revealing itself which has nothing to do with what was, or is. Because of the higher level merge, there is comfort and understanding the instant something shifts.

All of it demands surrender on a new level, and dismissing what presents to interfere. Not judging interference as less-than or good/bad; it is pure discernment. Pure discernment is true Wayshowing; decisions are made to compliment the highest possible scenario which will have the greatest affect on the collective Ascension.

As I close this article, I thank my Higher Team for assisting me in communicating this way today. I have not been able to write, or sit at the computer, or get linear enough to transcribe what is occurring right now. Guidance flows to the HUman heart grid, rather than online. I AM not guided to explain or interpret right now; it takes a lot of effort to disconnect from the merge sequences. I asked for help to compose an article, and received it this morning. Deep gratitude, beloveds.

Blessings to all grounded HUmans taking on this heightened state of beingness. I feel you and know this is unique-and-collective all at once. Trust your higher wisdom, those seemingly unfamiliar messages that you understand deep within. I Love you, I bless you, I thank you for your dedication in this bizarre and beautiful phase of our Ascension.

In Love, Light and Service, Sandra