Online Healing Retreat

with Stewart & Janet Swerdlow

Hyperspace Healing with Archetypes & Symbols

Thursday, Friday, Saturday: June 21, 22, 23
11am PT / 12pm MT / 1pm CT / 2pm ET / 7pm GMT
3 Live Video Webcasts with Q & A and downloadable media.

2 hours Each Session

OHR Stewart & Janet

Online Healing Retreat: Hyperspace Healing with Archetypes & Symbols

3 LIVE Online Sessions via Video Steam



Learn how to Heal  & Empower Yourself and Others with Hyperspace Archetypes & Symbols.


On a subconscious level, you create your world with Colors, Tones, and Archetypes, everyday. Now, with conscious awareness, use ARCHETYPES to proactively uplift you into your next level of Being. In this Online Healing Retreat Master Class Janet & Stewart give you reproducible archetypes and show you how to put them together to get what is most correct and beneficial for you NOW!

The Original Language that Emanates from the Mind of God: Color, Tone, & Archetype.

Archetypes create an energetic pathway for YOUR GOALS to come to YOU!

BOOST YOUR MIND-PATTERN TO ATTAIN: Health, Wealth, Success, Relationships, Spiritual & Intuitive Guidance, Oversoul & God-Mind Connection, Postivie Abundance in All Areas of Your Life!

Without action, words are powerless. Action is ARCHETYPE in motion.


Thousands of people all over the Globe use these ARCHETYPES to help achieve success in all areas of their lives. Now, it is YOUR turn to do the same!

Experience the most often requested Language of Hypespace visualizations and exercises.

These visualizations, exercises, and articles put you solidly on the path of inner exploration via the Language of Hyperspace-the Original Language that emanates from the mind of God that is the basis of all creation. People who have studied metaphysics for years report getting the answers to lifelong questions when using these techniques.

Janet and Stewart’s reputation for clear, concise, all-encompassing, result-producing information continues to grow exponentially. Stewart is best known for his role in the Montauk Project and his work as an ex-secret government psychic, while  Janet’s unique Waldensian/Magdalene heritage makes her an expert in Universal Law.  Both Janet and Stewart   teach you how to control your own mind so that no one else controls it for you.