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with Elizabeth Wood

The 12 Dimensional Body

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The 12 Dimensional Body


I want to connect more deeply into my body. I want to trust what I’m experiencing. I want to heal my mind. I want to heal my future. I want to fulfill my purpose. ~ These are the things I hear people saying right now. So how do we trust ourselves and move forward into this unknown territory of energy on Earth now? Ground into the body, guide it as a soul of intelligent light! Surrender to the limitless energy ready to move in and dissolve us.


In the thousands of sessions I do as a Seer and Oracle I can discern a pattern. People are wanting to use their bodies in new ways. One way to do this is to imagine the body as a technology. It’s our space suit for the 3D dimension. There are commonalities between space suits, and wonderful differences. The spiritual capabilities of this space suit are astounding just as the quantum physics surrounding it. This quantum anthropology is a bridge for scientific and spiritual laws to be perceivable to all of us.


The best way for us to ground in these bodies is to understand how they serve your soul. In this healing retreat let us take a fresh look at the Three Minds and gain a clear vision of how to best access what’s coming next energetically. Using a guided meditation we will examine these Three Minds and grounding techniques closer than ever before while ultimately welcoming the power of the 12 Dimensions on Earth. We are called to dissolve into Oneness, so let’s utilise the tools we have to end the painful resistance to this dissolving.


Join me in welcoming the 12 Dimensions into the body in this special healing retreat!


Love, Elizabeth Wood