Online Healing Retreat

with Gene Ang

The Arcturian 5 Platonic Solids On-line Healing Retreat: Deepening the Meaning of Manifestation

3 Audio Session in Downloads plus energy session excerpts
OHR Gene Ang 10.2018

Arcturian Upper Echelon Intensive Retreat

3 Sessions

During this 3 session Online Healing Retreat, we will be experiencing and utilizing the Arcturian 5 Platonic Solids Healing Frequencies to aid in our powers of manifestation.  Each of the three days will be dedicated to infusing our subtle bodies with each of the Arcturian 5 Platonic Solids Healing Frequencies.  This is the first time we will be utilizing these frequencies in a public setting.

Session 1 :  we will be using the Arcturian Tetrahedral Fire Frequency and the Arcturian Icosahedral Air Frequency.  After each session with the healing energies we will discuss the basis of utilizing these shapes, elements, and frequencies in manifesting our thought forms into physical reality.

Session 2: continues our journey by utilizing and exposing our Fields to the Arcturian Octahedral Water Frequency and the Arcturian Cube Earth Frequency.  Here we continue the densification of the fine matter of thought into the densified matter of the physical plane.  We will also discuss the mysteries of the water and earth element and their corresponding Platonic shapes.

Session 3: concludes with the Arcturian Dodecahedral Etheric Frequency.  Perhaps the ultimate Platonic Solid and Element, the Dodecahedral shape and frequency embodies all the other shapes and elements and signifies the use of the etheric dimension.  We will imbue our subtle bodies and consciousness with the Arcturian Dodecahedral Etheric Frequency and then discuss the use of this shape in manifesting from the spiritual realms into the physical realm.

In summary these are the 5 Arcturian Platonic Solid Frequencies you will experience and be able to use afterwards through the mp3 recordings:

  1. The Arcturian Tetrahedral Fire Frequency- utilize the warmth ether in your creations.
  2. The Arcturian Icosahedral Air Frequency- utilize the light ether in your manifesting abilities.
  3. The Arcturian Octahedral Water Freqency- utilize the chemical ether in densifying your thought forms.
  4. The Arcturian Cube Earth Frequency- finally manifest through the life ether into the physical plane.
  5. The Arcturian Dodecahedral Ether Frequency-manifest with the multi-faceted overall frequency of creation

Also included in the three days will be a discussion of the Fifth Moral Ether and the Physic of the Etheric as espoused by Rudolf Steiner in explaining how cycles of creation and the densification of spiritual thought processes into the physical domain occur.

This series will be beneficial for people seeking the following objectives:

  1. If you want an energy tool to aid in your manifestation work not commonly available at this point in time.
  2. If you want to deepen your understanding of the processes of creation.
  3. If you want to begin working with sacred geometry from the Arcturian perspective.
  4. If you want to heal aspects of your life from an intentional and thought form point of view.