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with Cynthia Charis

The Diamond Pathway of the Cosmic Heart

Two Sessions in  MP3 Audio Downloads

Cynthia Charis

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MP3 Audio Downloads

The Golden Age is upon us. The lower frequency timelines of the Earth have collapsed and we have created a new world, a new consciousness and a new beginning. It is time to stand tall and claim all that we have brought forward for the evolution of humanity and our planet. It is time to rejoice and manifest the dreams of our hearts for our new 5th dimensional realty.

The Golden Age is inside of each of us–but if we want to experience the Golden Age we have to learn how to embody it. We can do that through the diamond pathway of our Cosmic Heart. As we move further into our 5th dimensional essence we become more multidimensional and more connected to the Oneness of All of Creation. Our Cosmic Heart is the key that connects us to the higher aspects of Creation that we are called to embody.

Come join me in a two-day living transmission as we open and anoint the diamond pathway of the Cosmic Heart within you. The Diamond path is a path of illumination, purity and empowered transformation into the full embodiment of your Golden Self. Together, we will travel through the quantum zero still-point and access all timelines, possibilities and pathways to the full realization of your potential as a Light Master at One with All of Creation.

In these two sessions we will:

Bring forth living transmissions from the Avatars, the Masters, and the Celestial Beings of Light to anoint your Cosmic Heart and align to the Golden Age within you.

Open the pathways of the Cosmos within you, and ignite your divine architecture that will enable you to manifest the highest possibilities of your dreams within the quantum field of Infinite Potential.

Initiate you into the diamond pathway of illumination and purity that will allow you to become spiritual leader of the New Heaven on Earth shining in your full celestial wonder, radiance and glory.



PLUS!! MP3 Downloads of Three Avatar Recorded Teleseminars

In this 3 session series, we discuss:

  • Call upon the White Flame of Ascension from Atlantis to help you clear old karmic patterns preventing you from embodying your True Avatar Self.
  • Open the Stellar Gateway that holds the Monadic Energy, your Original divine spark, and the true essence of All That You Are.
  • Invoke the Mahatma Energy, the highest energies available to us on Earth, known as the Avatar of Synthesis, to help restore your True Divine nature.
  • Receive, anchor and integrate transmission of Light from the Avatars so that you can become the new Heaven on Earth!

PLUS An Additional Bonus is Included in this Special Offer
6 Audio Downloads in 2 Courses with the Avatars

Course 1
Session 1: Cynthia helps you anchor into your Star of Origin, your personal home in Source, and pull you out of the third dimensional matrix so you can become one with the glorious 5th dimensional, crystalline-based, solar Light Being that you are.

Session 2: You are blessed with the Rose of Sophia, the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine, and are aligned with the Ascended Master Jeshua to awaken the Christ Consciousness within you. As you travel through the 7 Sacred Seals, the Portals of Grace, you are lead into an initiation into your Godhood through the Diamond Body of Babaji.

Session 3: The series culminates with the merging of your Kalki Avatar body of Light with the Ascended Master Merlin, so you can embody the power of the Infinite and light up the world!

Course 2
Session 1: Cynthia helps you to embrace, welcome and integrate the most powerful wave of Ascension to ever hit the planet. She brings forth Serapis Bey and his White Flame of Ascension to open your heart and prepare you to begin to merge with your Divine Avatar Self.

Session 2: You are graced with a profound blessing to ignite your spiritual mission and embody the highest, more glorious vision of your greatest destiny.

Session 3: In all three audios you are Overlighted by the Great MahaAvatar Babaji and in this session he blesses you with messages of divine inspiration and upliftment to become the True Avatar that you are.