Online Healing Retreat

with Judy Cali

The Golden Awakening

MP3 Downloads – Encoded with Activations, Downloads and Channeled Messages
Judy Cali

Option 1: Online Healing Retreat – The Golden Awakening with Judy Cali and the Ascended Masters and Angelic Realm a $333 value!

This Online Healing Retreat with Judy Cali will be overlighted by Ascended Master Jesus as we journey to Inner Earth for Conversations with Adama, the High Priestess of Telos, and the Inner Earth Librarian Mikos, among many more beings, angelics, elementals and golden dolphins that will come through via Judy in this 3 part series.

MP3 Audio Downloads – Over 9 hours of activations, downloads and upgrades with Judy!

A Note From Judy Cali

Magical experiences happen more & more as we align with our Golden Sacred Heart in Oneness. We are experiencing Heavenly Earth with each breath, as we allow The 7th Golden Age of Wisdom to unfold within us. I will be sharing, activating, initiating & downloading various Healing Techniques including your Golden Wisdom, Knowledge & Understanding & also your Golden Gifts, Talents, Abilities, Skills & Tools, so you can live more authentically with each breath. All will be experienced only in whatever way honors you & is in alignment with your I AM Presence thru Love in Ease & Grace.

I will call forth various Ascended Masters, Archangels, Star Brothers & Sisters & more with messages & suggestions to assist each caller. Lemurian High Priest of Telos, Adama, will come in & Bless each person on the call individually & give us info & messages that speak to your Hearts. You will know the Truth for you more easily after this time together on this Webnar. There will be a Questions & Answer Time during the call.

Your Divine Mission is to Remember Who You Are & to share A Sacred Gift only you have to give to the World. You are a Divine Being of Joy, so says, The Golden Dolphins. Please join us as a Sacred Member of Our Spiritual Family of LightCreators. You are valued, loved & cherished.

We will be illuminating & sharing about YOUR Golden Awakening & the role you are playing inUshering in The 7th Golden Age Of Wisdom.Also about The 77 Energy Pods of New Children, here to lead the way.

Session 1 (2.5 hours)
We will be Downloading, Activating & Initiating YOUR Golden Gifts, Talents, Abilities, Skills & Tools.Also YOUR Golden Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding & IntelligenceAnd YOUR Golden Rainbow Heart, Chakras& Opening YOUR Angelic Wings.

Judy will Channel a message from The Golden Dolphins Sacred Heart to yours.

Session 2 (3 hours)
We will be discussing the 5th Dimensional Cities Of Light including Lemurian Telos in Agartha inside Mount Shasta, California.

We will release the Death Code of 3 rd Dimension and reactivate your 5th Dimensional Immortal Body.

Judy will Channel a message from Lemurian High Priest of Telos, Adama or Lemurian Head Librarian, of The Library of Porthologos, Mikos.

Session 3 (3.75 hours)
Awakening YOU as a Galactic Star Human.
We will be Downloading, Activating & InitiatingYOUR Divine Diamond Light Heart, Crystalline Christ Template (DivineOriginal Blueprint) & YOURTwin Flame Cellular Memories, Wisdom & Merging.
Also opening The BodiesCrystalline Seals & Solar Codes to Awaken YOURGalactic Template & DNAEncodings.

All that is being offered in these 3 days will be in alignment with The Highest Integrity, Light & Truth of your Soul & your I AM Presence.

Judy will Channel a message from The God & Goddess Of Planet Earth, Sanat Kumara & Lady Master Venus.
This is the plan, all those on the call may create even more as we go along.
Come and join the fun.

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Option 2: Judy Cali Personal Session plus everything in Option 1… Personal Session with Judy Cali A $750 VALUE!

Get Everything in Option 1, plus a Personal Reading with Judy to channel messages for you, assist you in clearing old beliefs of long ago or past lives, so you can step into your full-beingness in this lifetime.

This is an in-depth session that often goes 90 minutes and it will be an experience that will take weeks and months to integrate as it allows you to step into your wholeness. An Amazing Experience Awaits You!!