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The Lemurian Harmony Wave Activations

 Audio Downloads with 15 Lemurian Chakra Tones 

Online Healing Retreat: The Lemurian Harmony Wave Activations

Audio Downloads


15 Chakra Tones of Lemuria, the Harmony Wave and A Transmission from the Lemurian Preistess Council of 13.
Life on the long lost continent of Lemuria was high vibrational, and those incarnating into physical form existed primarily in the 5th dimension, and slowing vibration down to the 4th and 3rd dimensional realms upon will.

These 15 sacred chakra tones were given to SanRa by the Priestess Circle of 13 to activate, expand and open our chakras so that ancient knowing and abilities we hold within us from Lemuria will become available to us, helping us to realize the truth of who we are. These include our major 7 chakras, plus another 8 chakras of higher vibration.

It’s a simple and joyful journey if you allow it to flow freely, and remember to Sing and Dance and feel your heart expanding with joy and love!

The Harmony Wave from Lemuria, just received by SanRa in January of this year, will help us feel much more harmony with the many levels and aspects of our being. “It has been life changing for me. It has helped me feel more ‘energetically solid’ and much more emotionally stable”, says SanRa of her experience of the Harmony Wave.

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