Personal Sessions For New Earth Existence

Personal one-on-one Sessions are available from Lauren Galey and the guests she hosts on Quantum Conversations.  If you are ready to drop the old baggage, align with your Higher Self, and Step into New Earth, these personal sessions are here to guide you and assist you in an accelerated way with ease and grace with Love.


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Special Offer for Personal Sessions with Guests on Quantum Conversations

Sacred Healing Glyphs with Jean Logan

Healing with Sacred Glyphs Package
Several Options to Choose From Below

Glyphs are a form of spiritual energy, a language of Light. Healing Light from Source, God, All That Is. Each glyph invokes a powerful prayer directed at a specific thing for a specific purpose. It has been proven many times over that prayer heals. Much of the information for these glyphs was given to me by Source. Jean was told to write her books by Source. When she asked Source by what name should she call you in the book, she was told “By my name, Source Energy, God, Jehovah, Creator or Christ. It is all the same.”

Golden Ascension Activations with Judy Cali

Join Judy Cali for Online Healing Retreats and more!

Radiant Love Soul Growth with Michelle Anderson

Every Radiant Love Soul Growth Session is completely unique and guided by Spirit. It is the divine stream of energy that comes through for each person in the moment.

Akashic Enlightenment with Sherry Mosley

Enter the Gateway to the Cosmic Laws and Produciaries of Love and Light as seen in the Great Elohim by accessing your own Akashic Records with the Book of Truth to gain Divine Guidance and healing for Self Enlightenment & Ascension.

Soul Rising Retreat with Valeria Tignini

In this Online Healing Retreat, you will discover

How to Connect with ET consciousness
How to Identify & Understand Your Star Root Race
The Various star races of Arcturian, Pleiadian, Andromedan, Sirian and more.
The origin of the Human Race and how it developed
Your Higher Self Gifts – where they come from and how to access them.
Val will lead the discussion with her intuitive interaction with you to assist in the identification of your own Star Root Race and Galactic Heritage. She’ll also lead you on a guided Meditation and Activation in this 2-hour journey to Connect with ET Consciousness.

Light Calibration Session with Dr. Edwige Binque

Experience the amazing transformational gifts that Dr. Edwige holds and is here to share with humanity. Understand that we as spiritual beings in the process of “remembering” must know that our desired reality already exists right in front of us. It is already there waiting.
Your session is designed to begin the process of uncovering your blocks, resistance and help you unlock your God potential and to experience expansion into your multiverse reality and your next powerful step in evolution.

New Earth Coaching Sessions with Tracy Kenline

Offer 1 $97 1 50 Minute Session BUY NOW Offer 2 $297 3 Sessions Plus 1 LIVE Group Integration Call BUY NOW “Step out of the spiritual closet and into…

Universal Sphere® with Paul Marwood

Offer 1 $297 3 personal one-on-one Universal Sphere sessions + Workshops and Other Packages BUY NOW Offer 2 $97 A Bundle of 3 personal one-on-one Universal Sphere® sessions BUY NOW…

Care Package for the Sensitive Soul with Kate O’Leary

Offer 1 $33 Sensitive Care Kit Meditations & Audio Downloads BUY NOW Offer 2 $99 Personal 60-minute one-on-one Session PLUS eveything in Offer 1 BUY NOW Special Offer 1 Includes:…

Light Language with Dorian Light

30 Day Group Remote Session

This 30 Day Group Remote Session is very powerful and you don’t have to be present with Dorian to have it. When you purchase a remote session, Dorian will take your name and with her psychic abilities (Psychic Energetics), she will go into the Zero Point Field and scan your fields on all multi-dimensional levels. She will then take all the energy information that she has gathered, as well as any hidden and unknown information, and will infuse it with thousands of years of Qi-Gong energies and the Language of Light. That information will then be broadcasted into your Personal Energy Field as a daily remote session for one month to help you to shift, change and heal your life. Dorian believes in maintaining the highest integrity, therefore, she has tested this modality for over 2 years before presenting it to the public and has seen powerful results in her test client’s lives. The beauty of this modality is – you don’t have to be present! The “Monkey Mind” always wants to know and can question how a remote session is possible. Everything is energy and it doesn’t have any limits, therefore, with these remote sessions you can go about your daily life and just notice the changes!

Spiritual Awakening Accelerator Package with Daniel the Healer

This package is designed to accelerate your spiritual awakening by empowering you and attuning your energies to optimal functioning. Take charge of your destiny and your life.
The package includes all seven videos below, a free “State of Being” journal to track your progress, the free “Green Candle Ritual” which is part of the New Paradigm of Wealth video and a $47 discount coupon good towards any one hour session.

The Great Remembering ~~ The Quest for God/Goddess Within with An-Ra-Nae IsisRA

Offer 1 $97 MP3 Meditations and Teaching Plus 20 Minute Soul Reading BUY NOW Offer 2 $147 Personal Activation for Remembering Plus Everything in Offer 1! BUY NOW Offer 3…

Sacred Hawaiian Name with Kehau Nori

Personalized Sacred Hawaiian Name along with full explanation of its meanings, how it can help to assist you in your current life path, shift your energy and assists you with connecting to your Aumakua- Hawaiian Spirit Guide for direct help and guidance.

The Inner Master with Patrick McCormick

The Inner Master Private Session

A Inner Master Private Session with Kartron allows you to reach the “Inner Universe”, where you discover how Creation Works from the All Knowing Self. This recalibrates your Earthly Self towards your own Soul, preparing you for the New Earth. Kartron often then gives assignments for you to continue the Greater Work long after your session. .

Akashic Soul Path Healing with Vox Angelus

Offer 1 $197 Akua Transmission & Attunement BUY NOW Offer 2 $127 Akashic Soul Path Healing BUY NOW Offer 3 $147 Akashic Soul Path Healing & Wisdom Pathway Opening BUY…

Pyramid Healing with Bryan Rawls

Cosmic Light Language Awakenings including readings, activations and Online Healing Retreats

Soul and Spirit Portrait with Sheryl Ann Noday

Offer 1 $199 Soul & Spirit Portrait BUY NOW Special Offer includes: Angels, Higher Self, Inner Child Self, Spirit Guides, Spirit Teachers, Soul Self are all part of our journey…


With the move from the 3D Grid to the 5D Grid, it’s possible to drop the old illusion of the limited egois identity and step fully into the creative power of your Master Consciousness Creator Self. This is the aspect of you that has already Mastered creation throughout all planetary realms and dimensions. By coming “one” with it. Get ready to release your old “storylines” of struggle, ill health, lack and disconnection, and find joy in a new power to heal, create and manifest.

Be Unstoppable: Transform Your Challenges with Eleanor Healy

Special Offer $97 7 Powerful Recorded Clearings and Alignments (Mp3) BUY NOW Special Offer Includes: Shift from suffering from Chronic Issues, such as Physical and Emotional Ailments and/or Anxiety, to…

Karinna Nielsen: Signature Cell Healing and Lemurian Wisdom

Special Offer $144 Signature Cell Healing Bundle of Resources plus your choice of a 60 MInute Lemurian  Readings or Signature Cell Healing Session BUY NOW Special Offer Includes: Discover your…

Personal Channeling Session with Aleita Grace

Special Offer Option 1 $133 Personal Channeling Session with Aleita Grace 45 minutes via zoom with recording BUY NOW Special Offer Option 2 $97 Online Channeling Class 2 recorded webinars…

The Paris Principle with Rick and Grace Paris

Offer 1 $49 The Paris Principle Audio Quick Start Program BUY NOW Offer 2 $97 Online Healing Retreat Master Class + Option 1 BUY NOW Offer 3 $197 Breakthough Session…

Energetic Stem Cell Healing without Surgery with Shelley Ackrill

Medical Stem Cell Surgery is advancing and proving to be a potential solution for many injuries and physical ailments. However, finding a doctor in your community who is allowed to practice this procedure is not always easy and the cost for most people is prohibitive. Panama has less medical restrictions and is a popular place for Medical Stem Cell Surgery if you can afford it. Energetic Stem Cell Healing requires no needles, no surgery and can be performed in the comfort of your home. This session is a private one-on-one session with Shelley Ackrill, performing the ENERGETIC STEM CELL HEALING WITHOUT SURGERY process.

Personal Archangel Conversation and Ebook with Adria Wind Horse Estribou

One hour phone or skype session with Adria. Your chance to personally ask the angels about any circumstance or aspect of your life. Archangels Raphael, Gabriel, Michael and Uriel are most frequently the angels that come forward to answer your questions through this channel.

Sound Healing with David Gibson

Offer 1 $79 Five Sound Healing CDS in Digital Download BUY NOW Offer 2 $129 Your Root Soul Frequency MP3 (and Everything in Option 1) BUY NOW Offer 3 $197.00…

Angelic Cellular Memory Healing Session with Rebekah Renee

Clients undergo tremendous clearing of the physical, emotional, mental and karmic cellular memory imprints from their human energy fields. Releasing tremendous amounts of density, terse imprints such as guilt, anger, fear, heartache, abandonment and distrust no longer resist our forward movement. leading to a ‘quickening’ of the self.
Sometimes included in sessions are Angelic Soul Retrievals, Life Reviews, and Lineage Healing, and a tremendous feeling of love from the Divine. Clients always release the perfect amount of ‘issues in their tissues’ they are prepared for at the Soul level. Clients often report a renewed peacefulness which allows for greater flow of positive Spiritual energy into their lives, causing greater manifestation.

Working with Your Angels with Kimberly Marooney

Offer 1 $197 Working With Your Angels: MP3, Ebooks and Home Study + OHR BUY NOW Offer 2 $333 Angel Healing Session + Option 1 BUY NOW Offer 1 Includes:…

Althea Provost: Going Beyond 3D

Fine tuning your energy, illuminate empowered choices, deepen your insight, and integrate your knowing.

Light Activations & Personal Session with Guilherme Bastos

These Light encoded transmissions bypasses the mind and speaks to your Multi-Dimensional Self, assisting you in raising your frequency and vibration, aligning your energy and opening up your heart by receiving new light information and codes through higher vibrational sound frequencies – triggering DNA activations, clearings, releasing and transcending old structures within, allowing you to opening up all new pathways, accessing higher potentials and attuning you to a much Higher Consciousness.

The Miracle of Angelic Sound Healing with Stewart Pearce

Offer 1 $97 Angelic Codes Incantations, Mantras & Prayers Audio and Videos, eBook, and Mastery Empowerment Courses BUY NOW Are you ready to discover and become who you really are…

The Invitation with Audrey Light Language

Offer 1 $97 Light Language Activations Mp3 Collection BUY NOW Offer 2 $197 The Invitation Package Private Session with Audrey Light Language plus Audio Downloads BUY NOW  Light Language Activations…

Digital Activation Package with Matthew John

Offer 1 $97 Activation Package – Digital Downloads 1 LIVE Webinar + 4 Past Webinars + Guided Meditation & Activation BUY NOW Offer 2 $155 Soul Plan Reading & Activation…

Anti-Aging with Dawn Crystal

Offer 1 $97 Source Frequency Sound Healing Frequencies 6 Programs for Anti-Aging Audio Downloads BUY NOW Offer 2 $297 Personal Session with Source Frequency Healing 30 Day Remote Healing with…

Sanra: The Lemurian Temple Journeys

The Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 is a priestess circle present in Lemuria and is now speaking to us about our connection to Lemuria, Lemurian values and energy of love, acceptance, beauty, wonder and creativity and how to remember and re-develop those traits within us again as we co-create ourselves and our planet back to a place of harmony and peace.

Matthew John Special Offer

Offer 1 $97 Activation Package – Digital Downloads 4 Past Webinars + Guided Meditation & Activation BUY NOW Offer 2 $155 Soul Plan Reading & Activation Package Digital Package PLUS…

Aleita Grace: Personal Channeling Sessions

Special Offer 1 $133 Personal Channeling Session with Aleita Grace 60-90 minute one-on-one zoom session BUY NOW Special Offer 2 $197 Two-Part Channeling Class Webinar PLUS Personal Session in Option…

Lisha Antiqua: Amazing You

Special Offer $197 12 week Amazing YOU Award winning Home-Study Program BUY NOW The 6 personal power zone method is a holistic program designed to reboot your system and reconnect…

Matthew John : Webinars + Guided Meditation & Activation

Offer 1 $99 Activation Package – Digital Downloads 1 Live Webinar + 6 Past Webinars + Guided Meditation & Activation BUY NOW Offer 2 $155 Soul Plan Reading & Activation…

Sheryl Ann Noday: Open Forum Healing/Channeling

Offer 1 $33 Open Forum: Connecting with Your Higher Self and GateKeeper Siria Family through Sheryl Ann Noday BUY NOW Offer 1 $199 Soul & Spirit Portrait PLUS Open Forum…

Aileta Grace: Personal Channeling Sessions with Rainbow Body

Special Offer 1 $133 Personal Channeling Session with Aileta Grace 45-60 minute one-on-one zoom session BUY NOW Special Offer 2 $150 Rainbow Body Intensive Session (90 Minutes) BUY NOW Special…

Xi Earthstar: Advanced Lightwork

Offer 1 $97 Advanced Lightworker Master Class 7 Classes plus Sound Recordings BUY NOW Using modalities of healing described on EarthStar Healer, combined with Shamanic singing,creative psychic input from Gaia,…

Matthew John : Webinars + Guided Meditation & Activation

Special Offer Show Replay Webinars + Guided Meditation & Activation Offer 1 $155 Digital Package – 16 Recorded Courses + Activation & Meditation BUY NOW Offer 2 $199 Offer 1…

Xi Earthstar: Creation Magic Master Class

Special Offer Show Replay Creation Magic Master Class Offer 1 $97 Creation Magic Master Class & Bonus Downloadable Sound Healing CD BUY NOW This Special Offer Includes: Item 1: Creation…