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Join us each week for a Quantum Conversation in video livestream (QCTV) with my featured guests!  We’ll be on-air for about an hour talking about your self-empowerment and Soul Connection.  The QCTV livestream is all free and you can join us backstage for each show After-Party with a New Earth Creator membership pass.

 This is so fun! We look forward to you joining the QCTV zoom audience & After-Party

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In efforts to mobilize and support/create New Earth, I’ve created an exclusive membership offering to connect our community on a deeper level to the teachers and New Earth leaders who come on my show, and who join us in our community.  That means YOU too, because you ARE a New Earth Leader. So please consider joining this special membership offering that supports all NEW EARTH CREATIONS.   $11 each month gets you all QCTV After Parties plus lots of great high vibrational Plant Music that’s good for you and your environment!

Join us behind-the-scenes each week in our zoom audience as we livestream QCTV to the world…then stay for our exclusive After-Party where you can share you New Earth Shift experiences with my guests… 

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Notes about Your Audience Participation:

By joining our QCTV livestream audience, you’ll have the opportunity to ask our guests questions, either showing your video camera or just sharing your voice.

After the livestream ends, you can hang out with me and my guests as we review the show, follow up on additional comments and even take some Q&A. This is so fun! We look forward to your joining the QCTV zoom audience

This Week on QCTV

Macaya Miracle: QCTV

Join us for a QCTV episode with Macaya Miracle and learn techniques that will clear your energy field and open you to your Spiritual Gifts and Abilities. We’ll be livestreaming with Macaya for one hour, then join us in the After-Party to ask Macaya your questions! Scroll down to see the New Earth Membership options and join us in the After-Party!

Brian Andersen

Brian David Andersen: QCTV

Quantum ConversationsBroadcasting High Vibrational Frequencies to Empower, Inspire and Elevate Lives.Enjoy this Episode with Featured Guest QCTV: with Brian David Andersen Join the After-Party Today! (SPECIAL TIME!!) Enjoy this episode in 2019/10/17 12:00:00About This ShowThis presentation is a continuation of Brian David Andersen’s previous appearances on Acoustic Health where he explains the value and benefits…

Coming up this Fall, 2019: 


October 16: Macaya Miracle

October 17: Brian David Andersen

October 23: Xi Earthstar Healer

November 6: Elizabeth Wood

November 14: Lori Spagna

November 15:  Meg Benedicte

November 20: Sandra Walter

December 4:  Alicia Power

December 11:  Aurora – Galactic walkIn

All QCTV Shows are LIVE at:

2pm PT / 3pm MT / 4pm CT / 5pm ET / 9pm GMT

After-Party follows the live broadcast. Stick around and have fun with us!

PLUS You get access to the AFTER-PARTY Archive with past guests:

Lisa Transcendence Brown

Zoe Davenport

Tracey Ash

Vandana Atara

Judy Cali

Lori Spagna

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