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Join us each week for a Quantum Conversation in video livestream (QCTV) with my featured guests!  We’ll be on-air for about an hour talking about your self-empowerment and Soul Connection.  The QCTV livestream is all free and you can join us backstage for each show After-Party with a New Earth Creator membership pass.

 This is so fun! We look forward to you joining the QCTV zoom audience & After-Party

A Note from Lauren Galey

Dear New Earth Creator,
In efforts to mobilize and support/create New Earth, I’ve created an exclusive membership offering to connect our community on a deeper level to the teachers and New Earth leaders who come on my show, and who join us in our community.  That means YOU too, because you ARE a New Earth Leader. So please consider joining this special membership offering that supports all NEW EARTH CREATIONS.   $11 each month gets you all QCTV After Parties plus lots of great high vibrational Plant Music that’s good for you and your environment!

Join us behind-the-scenes each week in our zoom audience as we livestream QCTV to the world…then stay for our exclusive After-Party where you can share you New Earth Shift experiences with my guests… 

As a New Earth Creator Member, You’ll get access to 

  • 3 -4 After Party events each month (sometimes more!)
  • Audio Recordings of QCTV After Parties (or video if appropriate)
  • New Earth Community Member area  
  • PLUS a vault of Bonus Videos on Hawaii, Dreaming New Earth and more.
  • Monthly Healing Music of the Plants download –   High Vibrational frequencies of the Plant Kingdom in soothing musical form
  • Plant Music Meditation Online Event  Take a Journey in Consciousness of Plant Music $33 value (with extended recording)

New Earth Creator Membership:  $11/ mo

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Notes about Your Audience Participation:

By joining our QCTV livestream audience, you’ll have the opportunity to ask our guests questions, either showing your video camera or just sharing your voice.

After the livestream ends, you can hang out with me and my guests as we review the show, follow up on additional comments and even take some Q&A. This is so fun! We look forward to your joining the QCTV zoom audience

This Week on QCTV

Coming up in Season 25 – January – March 2020

Join us in the After-Party on Zoom with these guests:


February 5 – Stewart Pearce

February 12- Soluntra King

February 19 – Jimmy Mack

February 26 – Christine Day

March 4 – Zoe Davenport

March 11 – Steve Nobel



All QCTV Shows are LIVE at:

2pm PT / 3pm MT / 4pm CT / 5pm ET / 9pm GMT

After-Party follows the live broadcast. Stick around and have fun with us!

PLUS You get access to the Member Area with lots of previousAFTER-PARTY Archives with these guests:

 January 14: Kara Goss

January 15: Dorota Rozmus

January 22: Raquel Spencer

January 23: Sandra Walter

January 28: Gene Ang

Lisa Transcendence Brown

Tracey Ash

Vandana Atara

Judy Cali

Lori Spagna

Macaya Miracle

Brian David Andersen

Xi Earthstar Healer

Elizabeth Wood

Lori Spagna

Meg Benedicte

Sandra Walter

Zoe Davenport

Aurora – Galactic walkIn

Grace Hom

Select from 2 Membership Levels:  New Earth Creator & New Earth Ambassador

Here’s what you get with your New Earth Creator Membership:

Upgrade: New Earth Ambassador MasterMind Group

**For Serious New Earth Creators Only**


Join our Like-hearted group of Enlightened Entreprenuers of New Earth as we share and support one another on projects, missions, goals, dreams and all New Earth Creations.  This is a Master Mind group that meets once a month on zoom, usually the 2nd Saturday of each month. We share ideas, concepts, personal experiences and suggestions that assist each of us on the journey of creating a New Earth business.  If you are a SERIOUS New Earth Creator, join this membership option and get a whole host of training videos from our Mastery Empowerment Courses with Lisa Transcendence Brown, Sandra Walter and new paradigm teachers.

It’s a powerful New Year and Decade and it’s time to Get Your New Earth Game On!

If you are ready to STEP UP & STEP OUT this year, and you would like to support of a like-hearted group of Spiritual/New Earth Entreprenuers, then we’ve got the meeting for you!   It’s our New Earth Ambassador Group.  We are Mobilizing New Earth. This is our MasterMind Group to activate it within us and around us!

Based on the many hours of teachings with Lisa Transcendence Brown and our latest New Earth Focus Group, this is a MasterMind Group hosted by Lauren Galey, to gather with other New Earth Leaders to generate ideas, stimulate conversation, network with others and get support/insight/expansion for you New Earth business or service.  These sessions are based on the  Passion Matrix course by Lauren Galey, which is an extremely helpful tool that you use to create and weave your own Passion into New Earth Creations.

When you register for this event, you’ll get access to our beautiful member area that contains recordings of past group sessions, and a bunch of lovely programs to support your Soul Evolution.  You’ll get access to a recording of the Passion Matrix Mastery Empowerment Course so you can begin to create your own passion matrix and share it the group if you wish. This is where our collective of New Earth leaders is a powerful entity! You also get hours of training from our Archives with the Masters!

Join us for conversation to generate ideas, network with others, and get support for your New Earth business or service. I’ll share my own personal insight with you, answering any question you’ve got on how you move your project, dream, service, business, etc, forward. You are a New Earth Leader, and this supports you as a New Earth Ambassador.

You may purchase a single event ticket, or take a quantum leap to your dreams by joining our New Earth Ambassador Membership. $33 a month gets you monthly entry to our monthly Mastermind Groups, plus a whole host of bonus gifts to support you. Over 100 hours in an online platform that streams to any device, any where on the planet via a new mobile app! (Scroll down to learn more!)

*Membership – $33/mo For Serious New Earth Creators only*

* This is a monthly Mastermind Group that is included when you become a New Earth Ambassador member.

This membership provides you with idea cultivation, business strategy and high vibrational support. Membership includes monthly Mastermind Group webinar on zoom. It also includes backstage access to all QCTV After-Parties on zoom (plus replays if you can’t join live), a bundle of Plant Music Remedy downloads, and The Quantum Archives featuring over 100 hours of conversation with spiritual teachers and wayshowers, including 22 episodes with Lisa Transcendence Brown, 11 episodes with Sandra Walter, 9 episodes with Judy Cali, 6 episodes with Dorian Light and deep archive shows with Dr. Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Patricia Diane Cota-Robles and more.. (This is a great teaching on all things Metaphysical)

$33 per month


Design of Each MasterMind Session:

We always start with a few minutes of informal catching up that we cap to ten minutes maximum, then give five minute updates on where we’re at with our goals from last session. From there, we take a deep-dive into a specific challenge that one member is having and offer up actionable potential solutions for twenty to thirty minutes. Finally, we wrap up with ten minutes of open forum to address any major outstanding challenges from other members, and state our goals for what we want to accomplish for the month.

This MasterMind Group will help you overcome challenges and implement new ideas in your own business, and it’s also about sharing our wisdom helping others accomplish their goals!  Mutual support as we create New Earth!

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