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QCTV: Learn How to Read Your Reality with Alana Aviel


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Manifesting is about 50% of the action of creating your reality. The remaining 50% is the ability to read the subtle cues around you as they are a conversation with your highest self and the divine to actualize your creation.

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All of life is pure potential.
To activate and return to the sea of pure potential we have to clean the glass through which we see the world. By learning to read your reality you bring awareness to the muck on the glass that is limiting you from accessing the magic of that pure potential.

Learn to see the meaning of Challenge before things get rough. Learning to read your reality is meant to bring the insight before the “lesson”. Life is not designed to test us but rather inform us what our subconscious is creating reality from.

Each person in your life is a mirror to show you who you are. Sometimes we live with that mirror and other times we are less enthralled by what it has to say. Why is that? It is exactly that the things we want to see are affirmations of the qualities we have aligned about ourselves and the cloudy reflections are simply reminders that there are things we are destined to shift. When you learn to read the mirrors without having to dive into the reflection you can shift into a new reality right away.


  1. Deepen your relationship with yourself as the creator of your reality.
  2. Release yourself from patterns of trauma, by learning to witness the cues early.
  3. Augment your manifestations and the direction of your life through hypersanity, or flow state.
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About Alana Aviel

Alana Aviel is a renowned channel, guide and strategist with who developed and teaches profound practice for creative genius, life mastery, and autonomy. Her primary objective as an Objective Observer in the Quantum Field is to shine a light within the individual to become an absolute embodiment of their true self as the divine and to become witness to their own mastery and continued evolution. Alana is also an Intra-Dimensional Emissary, utilizing many lifetimes of learning to inform and recode earth paradigms and outdated programs that have lost their purpose for the evolution of spirit. She is committed to the total obliteration of old paradigm patterns and limitations to being and has developed her deep and clear channel to the higher self of the individual. Her clients have described her methods as wildly empowering and rapidly transformational, magnifying their experience into the life they dream of.

Prior to her guided interventions from the divine, Alana Aviel had been on an in-depth tour of the earth paradigm, dancing across many disciplines, earning a Doctorate of Architecture, working near impossible gigs in Film and Advertising, often making game-shifting observations from behind the desk of many CEOs, and had even left her mark as an emerging artist in New York and global festivals. Former clients include Apple, Art Directors Guild, Anomaly, Converse, Motorola, and many more.

As a Visionary Strategist for Intradimensional Leaders, Alana can now be found teaching mind blowing, soul activating classes in The MIRROR DIMENSION, as well as working One-on-One with spirit driven Intradimensional Leaders to create their Legacy level impact. She also leads twice yearly retreats to Egypt where those who feel called can embark on a journey of ancient soul-remembering, activation and meditations at powerful sites and temples.

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