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QCTV: In This Life God Source Rules – Beyond Shadow with Alicia Power

About This Show

Join us to hear how Creator Beings Above All Universes view the Shadow Force.

Alicia Power has spent over 3 decades under the tuition of these Beings, learning about ‘what’ Shadow
Force actually ‘is’.

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This discussion will be enlightening, light-hearted, yet REAL.

When Creator Beings decide to bring this subject into the public arena, it’s worth listening up. Simply
because there are few who are initiated into this knowledge. Their ‘height of spirit authority’ gives these
extraordinary Beings a view point that is unique.

In addition, simply LISTENING to their words adds LIGHT RESONANCE to your personal soul field that
helps YOU LIFT ABOVE and further from the REACH of pervasive shadow frequency.

You will feel loved, held and uplifted in this powerful teaching event. If these Beings choose to, we may
also enjoy a live infusion and activation.

Alicia has channeled these Master Light Lords for over 30 years, and is a forensic energy healer. Her lectures describe the auric fields and how they upgrade under the Super Light of these Creator Beings.
A dedicated educator and thought leader, Alicia has 1.4 million views on her YouTube channel, and has published 20 channeled courses from these Creator Beings in soul advancement.

Alicia Power
Alicia Power
Alicia Power

About Alicia Power

Master Energy Healer and Spirit Communicator, Alicia Power is an educator and mentor for Healing Through The Soul Field, using Advanced Spirit Technology.

Alicia has been initiated and trained by Creator Spirit Beings for 30 years. These intense decades of soul training have built numerous partnerships at extremely senior levels of spirit. This has resulted in her holding ‘spirit authority’ to activate fast change in a person’s soul evolution, soul wound history, and spiritual leadership.

Alicia is a regular guest on consciousness tele-summits, has authored over 20 transformational courses. Her YouTube channel has over 1 Million views and her monthly live transmissions from her Creator Being Spirit Tutors upgrade your soul light and accelerate your ascension.

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