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QCTV: The Next Phase: Creator Beings Ask for Help From Humanity with Alicia Power

Is Your SOUL FIELD Strong Enough to Repel Shadow?

Are You Willing to Grow Your Light Further?

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It is our turn to attend to the frequency that governs our global consciousness.

For 3 decades Creator Beings Above All Universes have infused their Golden Frequency into this Universe, galvanizing an immense project that has diverted a catastrophic scenario where Darkness may easily have ruled our World.

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The gentle buoyancy their supreme Light conveyed to our Holographic and Spirit Existence brought these Spheres beyond the reach of Darkness governance. Of Darkness control.

The layers of frequency underneath our Reality are now stable in Light. Even as Darkness continues to play out roles on the surface planes.

However, the Creator Beings now need us, as humans, to fight for this Light stability: our long-term strength in light.

There are systems far above this human existence that STILL encroach, still endeavor to usurp Light’s stability. Intermittently these arrive in waves, to destabilize the love, the fearlessness.

And so, THIS IS THE TIME we are being called to be dedicated to Love – stable, compassionate and strong.

With these Creator Beings committed to upholding this supreme Light frequency in our human sphere… we are never alone.

And now – it is the critical time to turn our attention inward.

And fight to maintain inner stability. Above all psychic incursions.

You are invited to a special process during this talk: 


    • Be part of a powerful Supreme Light Infusion from Creator Beings Beyond Universes
    • Witness a sacred Creator Being Declaration and Command that Light governs our sphere of Reality
    • Be held, and stabilized, in Love and Light from Creator Realms beyond this Spirit Universe.

Alicia has channeled these Master Light Lords for over 30 years, and is a forensic energy healer. Her lectures describe the auric fields and how they upgrade under the Super Light of these Creator Beings.
A dedicated educator and thought leader, Alicia has 1.4 million views on her YouTube channel, and has published 20 channeled courses from these Creator Beings in soul advancement.

Alicia Power
Alicia Power
Alicia Power

About Alicia Power

Master Energy Healer and Spirit Communicator, Alicia Power is an educator and mentor for Healing Through The Soul Field, using Advanced Spirit Technology.

Alicia has been initiated and trained by Creator Spirit Beings for 30 years. These intense decades of soul training have built numerous partnerships at extremely senior levels of spirit. This has resulted in her holding ‘spirit authority’ to activate fast change in a person’s soul evolution, soul wound history, and spiritual leadership.

Alicia is a regular guest on consciousness tele-summits, has authored over 20 transformational courses. Her YouTube channel has over 1 Million views and her monthly live transmissions from her Creator Being Spirit Tutors upgrade your soul light and accelerate your ascension.

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