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QCTV: Who Are The Creator Beings? with Alicia Power


About This Show

Alicia Power dives into a rare exploration WHY Creators of this Universe want to intervene

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3 decades ago, Alicia, already an advanced energy healer, was approached by levels of Spirit calling
themselves ‘Creator Beings’. This was unexpected, but she agreed to a journey of acceleration with
them… and now passes on that opportunity to you.

Hear her story of discovering who these Beings are, and learn their scope of capability in shifting the
fabric of time/space, and all energy forms within this universe.


  1. Hear the story of this universe – from Creator Beings perspective
  2. Meet a Creator Being to connect your soul and heart to this level of accelerated help
  3. Discover how your soul needs to participate in this global time of upheaval.
  4. In a deep process you will get the chance to learn why your soul incarnated at this time.

Dear Lauren,

I am reaching out right after watching today’s recording of Who Are the Creator Beings on YouTube. First of all, this was my first time experiencing your broadcast via YouTube – so convenient! I was streaming it from my large smart TV screen, and felt like it was a one-on-one session with Alicia. Thank you for moving along with the times and technology!
I usually sign up for our broadcasts couple times a year when your line-up e-mail catches my eye, and I am drawn to a particular guest, like it just happened to me this evening about an hour ago! And I was not aware of Alicia’s work before that.

This was one of the most powerful sessions that I have experienced in my life. When Alicia mentioned Archangel Michael and his Sword, it was as if she was looking straight at me and talking specifically to me! I have been wielding the Sword for a number of years now after following Archangel Michael’s teachings through Ronna Vezane…

A curious thing is that I woke up with an on-set of a cold this morning, which had buffled me, and I’ve had a small cough all day, like Alicia had during the broadcast. Watching Alicia reminded me that according to Archangel Michael’s teachings (just as Kryon’s), getting sick with a cold is often used by Spirit for recalibration. So, it now all made sense to me!

Throughout the entire session I’ve felt an intimate connection to Alicia and her Guides. As we went Up High and met with the Creator Being, tears started running down my eyes, and I complained to Him that I wanted to go back Home. Then, I’ve had a powerful experience with merging with my Angelic Self and used that opportunity to heal myself and get tuned into my Original Blueprint. Once I stepped back from the mirror, the Creator Being laughed and ask if I get it now. I had to agree lol…

Overall, this Eclipse Corridor has brought a significant shift into my life already, and just now with your help of this broadcast it has amplified the effect many fold. Thank you so much for doing what you do, spreading the Light and Love, and allowing all of us to Connect and Create together.

Special Love and Gratitude to Alicia – she has just changed my life. I can feel it.

Love and Light,
Yulia Detrick, MN (originally from Ukraine)

Alicia Power
Alicia Power
Alicia Power

About Alicia Power

Master Energy Healer and Spirit Communicator, Alicia Power is an educator and mentor for Healing Through The Soul Field, using Advanced Spirit Technology.

Alicia has been initiated and trained by Creator Spirit Beings for 30 years. These intense decades of soul training have built numerous partnerships at extremely senior levels of spirit. This has resulted in her holding ‘spirit authority’ to activate fast change in a person’s soul evolution, soul wound history, and spiritual leadership.

Alicia is a regular guest on consciousness tele-summits, has authored over 20 transformational courses. Her YouTube channel has over 1 Million views and her monthly live transmissions from her Creator Being Spirit Tutors upgrade your soul light and accelerate your ascension.

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