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QCTV: Sacred Relationship, Divine Partnership & Sex Magic with Alissa Jane


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Learn to utilize Sexual Pleasure, Alchemically Awaken Your Light Body & Activate the Path of Ascension. Heal trauma & dense programing with Pleasure, Bliss & Love. Learn how to bring in Sacred Practice of Crystal Eggs & Wands for Healing Support, Clearing, Activating & Pleasure.

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–     Alchemy & Pleasure Empowerment

–     Developing the Relationship with Self & Partner more Fully

–     Divine Alignment for Perfect Partnership / New Relationship

–     Ancient Egyptian Fire Breath

–     Heart Portal – Heart Breath, High Heart & Sacral Womb Activations

–     Light Body Awakening, Ascension & Healing

–     Manifestation – Quantum, Conscious Creation

Sacred Sexuality & Relationship is the Path of Empowerment & Ascension. Becoming God & Goddess – Christ Consciousness. It is through Sacred Relationship with Self, that each one finds Wholeness. From this place, Perfect Partnership & Divine Union with Self & Another will Flourish.

With Ancient Energy Skills & Techniques, learn to Activate Your Life-Force, Cultivate, Harness & Direct it:
– Activating Your Energy Body more Fully
– Becoming more Magnetic
– Able to Manifest, Create & Receive Your Dream Life, with Greater Ease!

Be held in an Energetic Container throughout the weeks of your Journey. Work with the Angels & Guides to Support your Pleasure Empowerment Path ~ Archangel Michael, Quan Yin, Archangel Faith, Mother Isis & many Other Enlightened Ones will Partner with You on Your Path.

– Develop Your Relationship with Your Goddess / God Within
– Experience Shakti ~ Kundalini Awakening
– Cultivate Your Balance, Vibrancy, Confidence & Radiant Energy Flow
– Expand & Cultivate Your Heart-Space & Sacral
– Love Yourself More
– Love Your Partner More
– Love Life More
– Receive Greater Ease of Abundance, Health, Spirit-Connection, Joy, Inspiration, Pleasure, Bliss & more…


  1. Develop the Sacred Relationship with Self & Partner more Fully
  2. Use Alchemical Tools to Activate the Light Body & Path of Ascension
  3. Harness the Power of Divine Pleasure & Bliss for Conscious Creation
Alissa Lepska HS

About Alissa Jane

Alissa Jane is an Energy Guide, supporting the path of Ascension, Empowerment, Transformation & Conscious Creation. She is passionate about helping each one to Align with their Unique Soul Mission & Blueprint – Cultivating Energy Skills, Developing Intuitive Gifts & Quantum Leaps. Her Living Light team is full of Angels, Ascended Masters, Mothers & Enlightened Ones. As she tunes to the Higher Guidance Systems’ of Each Individual, Alissa creates a foundation & space for Health, Wealth, Happiness & Success to FLOW!

– Beauty Specialist, Natural Care & Certified Reiki Master.
– Passion Activator, Sacred Relationship & Alchemy.
– Designer, Creator & Stylist for Body, Home & Spirit.

“My Soul Mission ~ is to Support & Activate beings on their path of Self-Empowerment, Magnificence & Creation – through Self Awakening. I am Passionate about feeling Great & having Awesome Experiences – Join me…”

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