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QCTV: YOU Are Needed NOW: It’s Time To Be You More Than Ever + The Instant Power of Your Choices with Ambujam Rose


About This Show

We’re at a significant time in our Soul History and who you REALLY are is needed NOW more than ever! You can feel this call deep within.

Your unique energy, your essence, your specific energetic teachings that only YOU can emanate are beckoning expression. BEING YOU for yourself first and foremost. Your life times of combined experience, wisdom and learnings exude from you, effortlessly lighting the way. Your personal and eternal essence, the vibrations that ONLY you can be is truly needed now. Receive sacred information, empowering guidance and Ambujam’s unique accelerated healing to uplift your inner truth, strengthen your human resolve, engage and step up!


  1. Trust, embody, empower, strengthen and cultivate your power of choice to BE you NOW
  2. Bust the myths of anything that’s not your truth within
  3. Discern the differences between your true energy vs fears, doubts, identities, old patterns or outer energy that’s NOT you
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About Ambujam Rose

Ambujam is a Quantum Energy Healer, Awakening and Self-Embodiment Activator, Wayshower and Guide. Ambujam’s one-of-a-kind Group Power Healing® sessions leap you through thresholds of inner healing and awakening that would have normally taken weeks, months, decades, lifetimes!

Group Power Healing® is a powerful collaborative of like-hearted, kickass highly attuned individuals dedicated to their healing, living truth, empowerment and self-realization -no matter what. This synergy creates an accelerated healing field catapulting everyone forward on their path. You clear the old energy patterns quicker. Your consciousness ripens faster for awakening in your next levels. The Group Power Healing® field unlocks your inner-knowing, amplifies true self, energizes your heart’s truth and anchors self embodiment. Ambujam’s work has accelerated the path to freedom for over 29 years.

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