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QCTV: How To Activate Your Atlantean Light Body and DNA© with Ameera Atlantis


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Calling all Star Seeds and New Earth Reconstruction Crews! We are the Living Libraries they could not burn or destroy. Atlantis has virtually no written records, very few artifacts and is shrouded in myth and mystery, yet, some of us are key holders in the flesh.

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The DNA encoding “time locked” within our cells are Gods fail safe to return ancient memories, practices and knowledge back to the ascending collective.

Welcome to a conversation and learning course on the The Golden Age of Atlantis, The Mer People and the ancient Atlantean practice of self healing. The Atlantean community was deeply influenced by the gifts of the Lemurians as well as the Mer People who taught them the wisdom of how to remain in full union with the Divine. In this discussion Ameera Atlantis will explain the relationship between the Atlanteans and Lemurians as well as their connection to the beings of the Mer World. She will offer you her remembrance from the perspective of an incarnated Mermaid and the relationship that existed between the Aquaferians and the people of Atlantis. We will also learn about the agreements within these worlds to uphold the Law of One and the 7 Spiritual Laws of Atlantis.

Ameera will speak to the power of the number 13 as it relates to your energy centers as well as how the Spiritual Laws of Atlantis are connected to the 7 layers of your Aura.

As we collectively rewrite the Spirals of Time and course correct the concept of Fall of Atlantis 13,000 years ago, Ameera will prepare you to receive and integrate the shifts and upgrades in your DNA to align your body, Soul and energy to the New Earth Atlantis.


  1. What is your Light Body and why is it important?
  2. Why are all Star Seeds connected to Atlantean DNA?
  3. Learn the 7 Spiritual Laws of Atlantis and align your frequency to the Law of One
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About Ameera Beth

Ameera Atlantis is a Multidimensional Teacher and Healer for the New Atlantis. As an incarnated Atlantean Mer Being, she holds the ancient philosophy, wisdom, and knowledge of The Great Kingdoms of Atlantis and Lemuria in her DNA and Soul remembrance. Ameera is a direct conduit to The Mer World, the Sacred Feminine and to the element of Water. She brings forth messages from Ocean Mother Yemaya, Archangel Metatron, and teaches Sacred Geometry.

Her mission and passion is to inspire and ignite the remembrance of purpose for incarnation in others through their own connection to Soul Origins, and sovereignty. Ameera Atlantis is an Ordained Minster and Steward of the Temple of the New Atlantis, Intuitive Healer, Advanced Level Past Life Regressionist, Author, and Conscious Clothing Retailer. She lives on the beautiful Island of Kauai and hosts retreats yearly.

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