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QCTV: Inner Child Healing and Integration Through Reiki Healing and Shamanic Power Animal Retrieval with Amunta Sunna


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Amunta has discovered a unique way to combine Reiki Healing with Shamanic journeying Power Animal Retrieval in order to identify inner child and past life traumas. Shamanic Journeying can be learned and used by anyone as a helpful practice to dive deeper into finding answers, direction, guidance, healing, inner wisdom, and teachings in one’s personal journey.

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Are you suffering from Physical, Mental, Emotional, or Even Spiritual Blocks or pains? Do you feel at a loss of direction in your life and don’t know why? Like you have hit a brick wall and you keep repeating the same patterns? Do you continue to have the same physical, mental, or emotional traumas come up causing disruptions in your daily life? Or perhaps you simply feel like there is a void, like something has been missing in your life since childhood?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Amunta would love to guide you through a simple Shamanic Journey and Reiki healing process.
Many times when we have a childhood or even past life trauma where we leave pieces of our soul behind. This may cause blocks and issues throughout our lives. A Power Animal chooses us when we are born and is like a friend, a guiding force in our life. Our Power Animal Possess qualities that we need to survive and continue our life path. However, many times with these Traumas we lose our power animal and therefore our sense of direction. We may then be feeling blocked and stay in a cycle of repeating unhealed chaotic patterns.

Through this Unique journey Amunta will assist you in reconnecting and reuniting with your Power Animal by healing and integrating your inner child and/or past life traumas. A Reiki energy healing circle will also be created and all your blocks and charkas will be cleansed and cleared using Angelic guidance.

After your session you will walk away feeling empowered, connected, and be given guidance on how to continue to deepen your healing journey! You will also be given simple tips, guidance, and/or meditations to use in order to stay connected to your inner child, Power Animal, and any additional guides who show up during your journey!


  1. Connect with your Power Animal, your lifelong guide
  2. Heal Childhood and Past Life Traumas
  3. Integrate your Inner Child Through Reiki Healing and Shamanic Journeying
Amunta Sunna

About Amunta Sunna

Amunta’s Spiritual Journey began as a teenager when she had a very vivid dream, which was actually a near-death experience. She was told by her guardians that she had gifts to share with this world!

From there, she began diving deeper into exploring her gifts she was once told she had. During a reading with a friend, she was told she was a Shaman as well as having Psychic abilities! This began her studies of Shamanism and Shamanic journeying practices. Through Shamanic journeying, Amunta has been able to deepen her connection with her Angel’s and Spirit guides. These practices led her to become a Certified Psychic Medium, a Reiki Master/Teacher, and working with Shamanic Soul Retrieval. Amunta has discovered a unique way to combine Reiki Healing with Shamanic journeying Power Animal Retrieval in order to identify inner child and past life traumas.

Amunta is excited to share her gift with the world and help heal many through it! She believes strongly that we are all energetic beings and must strive to raise our VIBRATION to remove blocks and integrate our inner child.
Amunta works with each client to satisfy their individual needs. Whether that means healing, releasing, working through grief, connecting them to their past loved ones, or spiritual guidance to help them discover their own unique gifts!

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