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QCTV: Therapy for the Soul — Connect to Your Highest Self, Renew Your Souls Purpose and Shine with Ann Mbacke


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You are an expression of the Divine, however, trauma drama can leave you feeling less than you deserve.

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This conversation will activate healing centers in your soul and heart to help you release trapped anger and anxiety. Ann will help you dive into your divinity as she taps into Spirit to bring messages of hope and love while sharing sound bath modalities to bring you peace and joy.


  1. Ignite the Sacred Fire inside of You through sound
  2. Remember who you are — on a heart and soul level
  3. Release past hurts and trauma for a new you
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About Ann Mbacke

Ann has been an energy healer, intuitive counselor and channel for nature spirits and the Divine for over 20 years, she started by doing energy work at Unity Churches and healing centers in Florida and California. She has worked with many to clear trauma and conflict issues during this time. Ann tunes into Spirit and brings you direct messages (using Clairvoyance/Clairaudient gifts) and healing modalities to help you on your path to wholeness. Ann works with ascended masters, angels, guides, Elders, Luminous Ones, Blue Ray, Blue Star and the energy of Lemuria, Egyptian Thoth, Ashtar, Terra, and Anubis beings as a medium for healing and activating grid centers in the earth plane and beyond. She is able to help clear trauma, negative projections, and entities so that you are able to move forward more connected to your higher self. Ann’s ultimate goal is to help you remember – you are Love and Divine.

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