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QCTV: Stepping Into Your Entrepreneurial Power with Anna Celestino & Lauren Galey


About This Show

How to break free from the 3D Mindset and into 5D Empowerment to share your Gifts with the World.

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Anna and Lauren will be sharing their personal stories of how they transitioned from the 3D work world into their own heart-based businesses by following their passion and joy.

You’ll learn how you to overcome limiting beliefs around money and work, so you can transition into your New Earth Service Roles with confidence and skill


  1. Discover how to unwind from limiting, self-sabotaging belief systems
  2. How to Identify false Spiritual Beliefs you hold around Money and Business
  3. Learn Money Games to Shift Your Vibration around Money
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About Anna Francesca Celestino

Anna Francesca Celestino is a certified Life Coach and established Intuitive. She’s been facilitating personal growth work and reading the Akashic Records for over 20 years. She had her first Akashic Reading 20 years ago and knew immediately she had to learn how to do it. Since then, she’s read for hundreds of people to help them discover their purpose and break free of the past. Anna is author of IGNITING CHANGE and founder of The Shift System: A 90-Day Group Coaching Program for Transformational Change.

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About Lauren

Lauren Galey is founder and host of Quantum Converastions at AcousticHealth.com, and a lightworker on a mission to assist all who ask on stepping into their New Earth Missions and Creations. Her past experience and expertise include the following: Radio Journalist at ICRT – Taipei Taiwan, anchor of morning show and reporter on world and local stories. Television News Reporter, Anchor and Producer at KUAM Island News on the US Territory of Guam. Voiceover talent and agent for multi-national voiceover talent Audio and video producer, Certified in Recording Arts & Technology by the Globe Institute of Recording and Production

Lauren’s podcast Quantum Conversations is a daily production broadcast to a global audience, reaching over 2.2 millions listeners tuning in via YouTube channel, Soundcloud and her online platform. You’re invited to “look over her shoulder” and learn some tips that can accelerate your New Earth Creations.


Lauren Ellis Galey is on a mission to empower New Earth Leaders. She is the New Earth Mentor’s Mentor, assisting those who are ready to step into their planetary roles, their Divine Role, and get their product or service out to the world.  We live in a digital age, and Lauren has been successfully operating her online businesses for over 15 years. As a former radio and television journalist & anchor, Lauren was trained in mainstream media and now uses the many tools of media production in support of New Earth Media.   She is a Sound Healing Audio Producer, creator of Plant Music Remedy music of the plants, and hosts the popular global podcast Quantum Conversations & QCTV.

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