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QCTV: How to Heal the Greatest Trauma & Free your Divine Cosmic Essence to Grow Exponentially with Artie Vipperla, Ph.D


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Do you still get triggered even after all the work you’ve done on yourself?

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How about the hunch that you need to grow much more in soul & spirit to be really and truly you?

And the further hunch that we humans need to discover a way for all of us to shift efforrtlessy into our highest selves, anywhere, anytime, no longer needing to force a fix, push through fear, or impose some new discipline?

Join us for a personal energy reading if you’re open to identify unhealed trauma you’re still carrying.

And also sample a guided experience to bring you effortlessly into a dramatic expansion of your energies.


  1. Find out about the greatest trauma still bypassed by trauma treatments
  2. Avail yourself of a personal energy reading to identify how much you’re carrying & from when
  3. Experience a new deeply healing & pleasurable fusion of meditation, yoga, qigong, energy healing, breath work, body work, & prayer that grows subtle energies exponentially
  4. Learn how you can take all this further with a special highly discounted offer of an intro video, a much raved video book, and a course to support your making this practice your own
Artie Vipperla HS

About Artie Vipperla, Ph.D

Harvard high honors drafted into the Vietnam War, scammed into serving as an undercover spy, came back & helped with John Kerry to organize Vietnam Veterans Against the War, and got a PhD in clinical psychology.
After doing the study for the US Congress that gathered the first national data on PTSD, I served on the President’s Commission on Mental Health and wrote the first book to link trauma with healing through transformational processes (“Healing from the War,” over my birth name, Egendorf), awarded for “affirming the highest human virtues” in the NY Times (1985).
Then, decades of practicing and teaching higher disciplines, including Reiki and Pranic Healing, ripened my ability to read energy quantitatively and I was humbled to discover that all my trauma work, on myself and clients, only skimmed the surface. More than 80% of trauma unhealed, and the same for colleagues I checked.
Blessedly an intense search for what we had been missing, brought the discovery of a lifetime, on the morning of my 67th bday in 2012, how to “harmonize all of you with all,” which can with guidance and practice heal fully & grows our energies rapidly into galactic proportions.

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