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QCTV: The Path of Light with Aurora


About This Show

Our physical world is full of miracles!
From photosynthesis, to combustion, electricity, and molecular bonding, this new curriculum from Aurora explores and describes in new ways the Divine consciousness phenomena unfolding around us all the time (including time, itself.)

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The Path of Light focuses primarily on what light is doing on its journey through various experiences and transformations throughout physical existence, and all of this is relatable to you on your own individual path of Light.

Light is information, awareness, highly organized intelligence, and a truly astounding unlikelihood of pure energy.

Please note: although this material speaks to the science-based viewpoint and science specific vocabulary, it is intended to be comprehensible and make some extremely abstract ideas about time/space continuum accessible to those who are willing to put fin the mental effort 🙂


  1. diagram the journey of a photon in an entirely new way
  2. envision the first-person viewpoint of inhabiting The Source / Singularity / 0th Dimension
  3. develop a new way of conceiving of molecular bonding and the relationship of light to gravity

About Aurora

Aurora is a Galactic walk-in, or, an abstract consciousness newcomer to the human form. She came into this physical body, and into this world, in 2001, via a hyper-dimensional portal shape she spontaneously created and named the Flying Rainbow Lasagne.

Since then, Aurora has focused on accurately depicting in her drawings, paintings, sculptures, and animations, the harmonic patterns within which energy flows throughout the cosmos, and on teaching humanity about the positive impact the Flying Rainbow Lasagne shape can have on one’s genetic code.

Although the symmetry and complexity of her work might make it appear to be digital, it must be noted that Aurora’s artwork is actually all made entirely by hand and is produced using nothing more than simple tools such as a ruler and compass.

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