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QCTV: The Way of the Rainbow (Using the Rainbow Codes for Personal Transformation) with Barbara Marie Babish

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Barbara Marie offers information on The Rainbow Codes : Using the 7 colors of the rainbow to connect to Divine sources for personal transformation.

The Rainbow Codes came to Barbara Marie in the year 2008. With the Divine Guidance of “The Present Ones”, she has been able to fine tune the methods and now offers them to the public. If you are wanting to feel the Presence of God and wanting to create the miracles you have been yearning for, start using The Rainbow Methods today!

In this method, we use the colors of the rainbow in a sacred manner. Each color has a “power” that we can use to help us in our daily lives. Together, the colors synergize to connect us to a Higher Power, and help us create a life of JOY AND MAGIC.

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  1. Use each of the colors of the rainbow in a specific way for a specific purpose for your own personal transformation
  2. Learn more information about the red color vibration and how to use it
  3. Receive the Divine Transmission to activate the colors of the rainbow and ignite the rainbow with YOU!
Rev. Barbara Marie Babish

About Dr. Reverend Barbara Marie Babish, Ph.D.

A note from Barbara Marie:

I am trained in various healing modalities, spiritual life coaching, ministerial programs, metaphysical programs, and much more. All these skills along with my advanced intuitive gifts, my gift for Channeling Higher Beings, and the Language of Light, are all part of who I am.

This high frequency energy comes through in my sessions and programs, as needed, for your Highest Good. Your Higher Self will bring through all that you need and all that you can accept at the time. In each session you will be able to accept greater degrees of Awareness, Light and Love.

My work the with I.G.S. (Inner Guidance System) is a valuable gift I give my clients. Imagine your own life: Waking up in the morning with a smile on your face, knowing you are making the best decisions for you and your family. Imagine going to bed at night with that same smile on your face! Learning the Rainbow Methods will do that for YOU.

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