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QCTV: Restoring Your Human Templet to Its Truth Frequency: Series 2 – Relationships with Cathleena Hailley


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The Ascension process is the releasing of dense frequencies stored within the physical body. The body is vibrating in the false matrix 3D frequencies. Through many different beliefs, belief systems, and technologies, we are continually realigning to many of these false emotional frequencies.

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The Earth’s resonance frequencies are LOVE, TRUTH, BEAUTY, and GOODNESS. These are the core emotional frequencies we are meant to experience, yet we are only experiencing a very small range of emotional experiences rooted in the base frequency of fear. Fear is not an authentic frequency in that it has no true rhythm. It is a chaos frequency and when it is your base frequency, all other emotional frequencies lie in the range of fear.

This means that authentic frequencies are never able to be experienced. Authentic frequencies of Love and Joy, for example, are not able to be felt, instead, a false range of these are experienced by the moving away from fear, instead of the authentic place of present moment awareness without judgment. In pure presence, true feelings of Love and Joy can be experienced.

Through these activations, I will expand your energy beyond the space-time continuum and all 3D reality to easily release the false frequencies to experience authentically the pure presence of the I AM. This will allow your light to much more easily expand and give you a base of knowing what these authentic emotions feel like to further expand and experience true Conscious Creating.

Because there has been an energy here for 250,000 years, driving humanity to create these false frequencies, as we journey through the body, each week we will be releasing any of these false frequencies to embody the most authentic version of your soul’s essence. As the ascension process is the body releasing all false and dense frequencies of 3rd density and embodying your authentic I AM presence, allowing the body to engage with the soul’s essence while experiencing authentic frequencies, is the TRUE PURPOSE of the physical experience. Living heaven on earth.

During these activations, I will take you out beyond the space-time continuum and past the free will zone to release false energy signatures that have been keeping your light from authentically expanding within your cellular body. Expanding your light into your divine templet will bring you into the now moment without judgment to allow your soul signature to be the creator of your current life.


  1. show up authentically
  2. experience the zero point
  3. create the life you desire
Cathleena Hailey

About Cathleena Hailley

Cathleena Hailley is an embodiment of the divine feminine who works with the council of 9 collective and in particular with Jesus, Metatron, and other ascended masters. Her coding accesses the womb water of an individual’s birth so that they are brought back to their original soul expression, creating a rebirth to allow full expression of the soul’s imprint. As the lineage of the life Architect her Crystalline DNA signature not only carries the frequency of perfect pitch to align to the original Human templet, Earth templet and this Universes templet, but continually recalibrate this alignment.

Having incarnated as an Arcturian, Andromedan, and as a member of the Council of 9 Galactic Collective, Cathleena brings the knowledge of human patterns of existence, along with her extensive knowledge and work with interplanetary and galactic portals. Through this, she accesses human patterning with galactic information, technologies and energies to fully access their original soul’s blueprint.

Cathleena has a business degree and has worked with many professionals and medical practitioners in her massage therapy practice for over 28 years, she has experienced layers of human patterning, personalities, and life expressions. Her background in massage, using techniques as Rolfing and Myofascial has allowed her to begin to access more subtle energies connected to the emotional patterning that creates an individual’s life. Through her understanding of sacred geometry, she has channeled a vibrational device from the Arcturian collective. Cathleena now uses all of her business knowledge and experience with sacred geometry to align with her resetting the crystalline DNA.

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