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QCTV: Your Opportunity in joining the Planetary Ascension with Debra Giusti


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Have you deeply sensed the massive shift that is occurring within yourself and throughout the planet? What is occurring now is the specific cycle on our planet called the “Planetary Ascension”. Ascension is the accelerated evolutionary process occurring within humanity and all planetary lifeforms during this cosmic evolutionary cycle.

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As above, so below, we are also experiencing a “personal and collective transformation” during this unique time on the planet. So right now, you have an incredible opportunity for your own personal accelerated spiritual evolution.

The “Ascension Tips” give simple and dynamic support, sharing an overview of your Personal Ascension during the Planetary Ascension process. Debra Giusti created the Ascension Tips with the support of national and Ascension Teachers Meg Benedicte, and Camille Moritz, along with the collective wisdom of many other prominent Ascension teachers. The Ascension Tips give a blueprint, a roadmap and guideline for one’s Ascension journey, so one can easily understand the process. You can recognize how this process is taking place in your life & why you chose to incarnate during these evolutionary times.

88 Tips are shared in four categories with 22 Tips each, including 1) Your Awakening 2) Complete Transmutation 3) Total Soul Embodiment 4) The Divine Human in the New Earth. inspirational visions that will support you to fully embrace your unique Ascension process. Learn what the New Earth will be like in 22 tips! The Ascension Tips will spark deep understandings & visions, memories & synchronicities, and the inspire process of activating your superpowers.

This program provides a step-by-step guide, sharing how you can maximize your Ascension Journey and take advantage of this accelerated spiritual process in this lifetime


  1. Understand how you can maximize your Ascension Journey in this lifetime and take advantage of this accelerated spiritual process
  2. Discover critical spiritual practices that support the Ascension process
  3.  Gain a clear vision of what the Divine Human in the 5D New Earth looks like
Debra Giusti HS

About Debra Giusti

For over 45 years, Debra Giusti has been a spiritual entrepreneur, supporting the leading edge of the ever-emerging progressive culture, both locally and internationally, supporting and creating ‘New Paradigm’ evolution. She was 21 years old, Debra has founded and grown of businesses that support personal growth, healthy and sustainable lifestyles, new spirituality, and community connection. She is well known producing the Harmony Festival a music arts and consciousness Festival that took place from 1978 – 2011, in Santa Rosa California, and drew 30,000 participants. She is currently on mission in support of the “Planetary Awakening” that is taking place now. She has published the “Ascension Tips”, so that anyone can understand the Ascension Process taking place now and fully participate. She also produces workshops, hosts panel discussions, and creates educational materials on the topic of Ascension.

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